Female werewolf found by Nazi German soldiers during 1942

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German soliders discover female werewolf

Back in 1942, Nazi German soldiers stumbled onto a rather incredible discovery. This wasn’t human but something else entirely. This rather mysterious looking creature, appeared to be that of a female werewolf. These rather strange mythological beasts, are a cross between a human and a wolf.

Most everyone knows about the stories of humans transforming into a werewolf during a full moon. When they gaze upon the nighttime sky, they transform into a therianthropic hybrid wolf-like creature.

German soliders discover female werewolf in field

The soldiers were certainly baffled at what they had found seen in the video. It was documented like many things were during this era of time. It is believed that the soldiers shot this werewolf, while coming across it out in the wilderness. How soon after when it died is unknown. However, with its great size and strength—it certainly was a threat to these soldiers patrolling this undisclosed location.

The video is from a German documentary series. They mention something about it being a monster and its fur and size. While the video quality isn’t very good, there is enough of it to make out some details of the alleged beast. Many tales date back to earlier tales of legends and lore—including how someone got the affliction to become that of a lyranthrope. (werewolf)

German soliders find female werewolf closeup

Stories have mentioned, how werewolves have sometimes been regarded as alien devil spirits, which take the physical form of a bloodthirsty wolf. After being cursed into this affliction—from a physical scratch on someones body, they would later change into the alleged creature.

There are stories of gypsies who placed a curse upon someone, transforming them into a werewolf. Even within the gypsy community, some of them have been turned from cursing one another. There are different incarnations of these stories, yet they all seemingly share the same theme. Each of the stories, mention how someone gets bitten or cursed and later they turn into the bloodthirsty beast.

Werewolves are exceptionally violent and will shred their victims into many pieces before feeding upon them. Whether or not someone subconsciously has control of their thoughts (while in werewolf form) is unknown and has been portrayed on television and in cinema.

Werewolves are a widespread concept from European folklore—that was developed during the medieval period. While much of this is nothing but mere fantasy, stories are still being told about these fabled beasts.

German soliders find female werewolf

While the German documentary film is interesting, it doesn’t seem to be authentic to the time period. Someone made a comment about it being in color, this actually was possible. There were additive color screen products made available between the 1890’s and 1950’s although it was uncommon.

The most well-known movies to use color were “The Wizard of Oz” and “Gone With the Wind”, both from 1939. However, pre-dating those classics by more than 20 years was a 1912 film called “With our King and Queen Through India”, and a 1918 silent film called “Cupid Angling”


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