Video of UFO in Nairobi, Kenya

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UFO ship

The organization is known as MUFON (Mutual Unidentified Flying Object Network) originally established back in 1969 at Fort Collins, CO, USA. Recently, a rather astonishing sight was captured on camera and sent to MUFON. The video is claimed to have been taken in Africa within Nairobi, Kenya.

It seems this brief footage shows an alien vessel flying through the sky. Who the cameraman is remains a mystery. They are investigating more into the legitimacy of it. At this point, it hasn’t been ruled out as a fake just yet.

This is believed to be one of the most crystal clear videos to date, showing an alien spacecraft flying through the air. Some believe this is so good, its nothing more than CGI and completely fake. While this may be true, it is quite simplistic to dismiss something so quickly before more evidence is made clear. Skeptics and believers are both scratching their heads over the video.

Cameraman and finger

The cameraman remains anonymous however their finger is briefly seen pointing out the window, then towards the top right part of the screen. With their perspective point of view, they seem to know it will be passing by within the camera frame. The cameraman also isn’t expressing any emotional responses to something such as this. While this seems odd, people can react differently in certain situations.

Within 11 seconds, a noise can be heard resembling that of an airplane. (This of course could have been added in later to give it a more theatrical Hollywood style effect). The shape of the object looks quite classic to different drawing interpretations over time. It is possible this could be an experimental project funded by a government. Which one and how many is also another question.

Alien UFO ship

It also looks similar to numerous sightings spotted from around the world. The trajectory the spacecraft is moving suggests that it was making its way for either a landing or closer observation to the ground below. At 13 seconds into the video, the spaceship flies beyond the treeline. It is difficult to see as its raining but clearly there is a defined UFO in the sky flying by. The question is whether its real or not.

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