The Ghostly Story Of Mary K. Schlais

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It is unfortunate when someone unexpectedly loses their life. Everyone has a purpose to be here. One young woman named Mary K. Schlais, was only 25 years old when she lost her life. The University of Minnesota graduate, was both artistic and talented. However, her life was taken away from her on February 15, 1974. 

Mary K Schlais
Image: Mary K. Schlais

The Wisconsin Sheriff’s Department located in Dunn County, ended up receiving a phone call from local resident Denny Anderson. They explained while driving along 408th Avenue, he witnessed a small car, pull up alongside the road…to then dispose of a female body. 

One of the people at the scene, was Sheriff Daryl Spagnoletti among st a number of other deputies, they arrived minutes later. Nowhere was the suspects car to be found. All of them were shocked to discover the corpse of this young woman.

Later during the autopsy, it was discovered that Mary was violently stabbed to death. Law enforcement believed that Mary was likely murdered where she was found along 408th Avenue.

Her body was still warm, during this cold winter day. Even with the testimony by the eye witness Denny Anderson, nobody has since been charged with her murder. 

As time passed by, several men were out night fishing near Elk Lake Dam. This location is about half a mile away from where Mary was likely murdered. The two men said they witnessed seeing a woman wandering the banks of the lake. They believe it was the ghost of Mary Schlais. 

Mary K Schlais ghost

Other people have since come forward, saying they have seen Mary as well. One elderly lady who lives nearby, said the ghost of a young woman continued to appear in her garden each day around the same time. 

The daughter of this woman, said her mother was experiencing dementia and the clothing this spirit had on (a pink sweater) did not match what Mary was wearing the night of her death. She herself could not see Mary’s ghostly spirit either.

More people have come forward saying they have seen a ghostly apparition appear near or around the area where Mary died. Her ghost has been described as either a partial or full manifestation but the woman seen matches descriptions and photos of Mary.

Sometimes spirits return as they cannot move forward into the afterlife. This might be another example of this. We can all hope that Mary has somehow has found peace.

(Source: Anomalien)

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