Ancient hieroglyphs have been discovered in Australia, proving history wrong

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Egyptian hieroglyphs discovered in Australia

Everything mankind has known about history has recently been proven wrong. What we were raised to read in the history books, isn’t accurate information whatsoever. It is always wise to question everything and the origination of it. Some proof has been presented from Australia.

Gosford Australia

The location is not far away from Gosford. This city is located on the Central Coast of New South Wales, Australia—which is about 47 miles from Sydney’s central business district. It is here, where the mysterious Godford Glyphs exist.

Australia find Egyptian carvings

United Kingdom representatives from the site Megalithomania investigated and documented their experience while in Australia. A bigger question remains, why has information such as this been debunked or covered up? A select number of individuals know the truth of things and refuse to share it with the rest of the world. What has been discovered is, that Egyptians made contact with different civilizations.

Egyptian mummy

German scientists apparently performed a series of tests on different Egyptian mummies that were found. The results were quite astounding—as there were traces of hashish, tobacco, and cocaine lodged within the hair, skin and bones of the mummies found. Evidence now points to the ancient Egyptians and how they learned different ways of using plants before others did. Another interesting thing is, that both cocaine and tobacco were exclusively found in North American locations.

How did these particular plants, make their way to ancient Egypt before any Europeans discovered the Americas? With this newfound information, Egyptians actually had the technology to travel further than previously thought before. This means our records are wrong, other civilizations had travel capabilities far beyond what was known from before.

Egyptian boat

Other technology may have existed as well and hasn’t yet been discovered yet. How did these ancient people acquire such technology? There is more awaiting to be discovered that wasn’t found in any written historical records.

A number of historical researchers now believe the authenticity of these discovered hieroglyphs. Ancient sentence structure and grammar was also discovered. More hieroglyphs are located within Brisbane Water National Park, Australia. The discovered hieroglyphic texts, essentially rewrite thousands of historical records.

Egyptian hieroglyphs in Australia

So far, there have been roughly 250 different stone carvings found since the early 1900’s. Many Egyptologists are unable to decipher the ancient texts and translate them into modern day languages. What will the future findings bring society and how will we deal with what is found? Some believe these 5,000 year old hieroglyphs are nothing but an elaborate hoax, yet they offer no proof of this yet.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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