Whimsical water walkers wander willfully

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How they are able to defy logic with their magical methods can’t rationally be explained. Most of them are suspected to use old world magician tricks. However, they may not be completely human, as what they do is unexplained seen in some situations.

There are numerous videos and pictures of them walking on water. These water walkers, may possess otherworldly knowledge passed down from a secret society (perhaps alien by nature) throughout the ages.

Water walking isn’t anything new, as it has been around for years. The magician secret is the use of Plexiglas, as it is a transparent yet a fairly strong material. The person simply stands on it, as they walk across whatever water environment they can cross. Spectators marvel at them defying the law of physics from a far.

Magician Dynamo

This has caused quite a stir in some locations—including in London, when a man was seen walking on the water of the Thames river. Setting up a stunt such as this, requires much planning to accomplish. The police patrol may even have been in on the act, as a publicity stunt as well. This Bradford-born man known as Dynamo age 39, got the attention he deserved for his stand out performance.

Other moments are seen, including a man walking across a swimming pool. This one is more impressive as there are people seen swimming around him. An underwater camera shot, shows his feet underneath the water.

There doesn’t appear to be any Plexiglas type material seen, although with the reflections and the glare of the water, the lighting also makes it difficult to see. Other materials which might have been used, includes mono-flex polyester. This might explain how this young man was able to simply dash across a swimming pool by sprinting across it.

Young man runs across swimming pool

A biblical moment included when Jesus performed the miracle of walking across water. It was documented in the New Testament. (In three of the Gospels, there were three different accounts of this) Some believe, there have been paranormal moments—seen showing encounters of ghostly spirits walking on water, at different locations around the world.

Jesus walking on water

One standout, was an incident which occurred at Marble Falls in Texas. A greenish apparition was seen walking over the water. Someone managed to snap a photograph of it back on July 29th of 2016. To date, this still can’t be explained as it appears strangely shaped and had what appears to be legs walking over the water. The next time you wander to the waters, look around as someone or something might be whimsically wandering around.

Marble Falls green ghost walking on water

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