Dragon’s Lair Discovered In Afghanistan

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This is a compelling discovery and quite astonishing to see on video. Is it real or is it fake? Regardless, it is an interesting video to see. A video was released recently by UFOmania on YouTube which seems to show a serpent-like dragon traversing through a dark cavern. It is unknown whether or not this took place at night or sometime during the day – as they appear to be deep inside this cave. From the video, the workers were doing sanitary excavations on the outskirts of Kabul.

Based upon mythology and fantasy stories, dragons have remained a fascination for many. It is unknown if they really existed, but with photos and videos like this we can certainly imagine the possibility.

Most of the time dragons are displayed in stories as fire-breathing and treasure hoarding giant serpents. This allegedly took place about 5 kilometers west of Bamiyan is Darya Ajdahar, otherwise known as Valley of the Dragon. 

It is here where petrified remains of a monstrous creature lingered and terrorized the region. According to local lore, this sinister dragon existed during pagan times in Bamiyan. It would feed upon the local population of virgins and camels. 

Dragon in Afghanistan
Image: YouTube

Could what is seen in this video, be the descendant of this once great dragon? Who knows, however it is both creepy and interesting to watch. Imagine many of these things wandering around the world and what they could do.

It is thought that this video was filmed somewhere in this area, but this is merely speculation at this point with such limited information about it. The alleged dragon found was from an excavation that took place. How many there were isn’t known. It isn’t known if any other dragons were found either. Maybe this is a younger offspring of a much larger dragon? There are so many questions about all of this. 

Interesting enough, in Afghanistan a new species of Pterosaur was found. It was named Thanatosdrakon amaru. This is one of the largest known pterosaurs ever found before. Its wingspan was around 30 feet long with its body being about 13 feet in length. 

This creature had a massive head and long neck, along with its wings being covered with thick type feathers. What is seen in the video isn’t a Pterosaur, but something else entirely. It does look like a dragon in some aspects but not a traditional one depicted from mythology. 

Suspiciously, one of the workers stated after the discovery nothing else was said about the incident. It seems as though they wanted to cover things up. With more discoveries such as these, it helps paint a better picture of the world and what we know of it. We have to keep our eyes and ears open to what is out there.

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