Humans originally evolved from another world

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Mankind has evolved on another planet researcher claims

A rather interesting theory has been presented which may explain the origin of humans. According to a Dr. Ellis Silver, humans are actually descendants of a cross-breed species of alien life. We suffer many different deformities, some at birth and others as we age. Our origination, is from another planet somewhere out in the galaxy. If this is true, it may well explain many things—including changing everything we know about our history on Earth.

The estimation is between 60,000 and 200,000 years ago, when we fully evolved into homo sapiens. This new life form manifested itself on our planet, there have been different discoveries pointing to clues of where we came from. The Native Americans, believed that we fell from the stars. Perhaps we actually did and arrived here on some type of transport system.

Recently, a discovery has been made regarding a number of planets which have been found. Several of them have been deemed inhabitable with possible similar conditions as we have on Earth. An example of this is Gliese 581, it is a red dwarf star located sum 20 light-years from Earth. Scientists and NASA experts believe this planet is capable to inhabit. Perhaps one day, mankind will brave forward and actually exist upon this new world after destroying Earth.

Our real ancestry, may well have been us traveling as ancient astronauts. Following this belief, we are/were intelligent extraterrestrial beings who previously visited Earth. After our initial contact, we were influenced in different ways by Earth and its natural resources. The first theory, is most all of the deities were alien in origination. This explains our newfound technical advances, which have been progressing at such a rapid pace especially now.

Origin of mankind

Many feel and believe that the general public has been kept in the dark about many things related to UFO sightings, existences of alien species and where our technology is actually coming from. In reality, advances have been happening in secret throughout the ages. We are the offshoot of a strain of alien species—who brought technology to the Earth. The suggestion is, that human beings didn’t originally develop exclusively here on planet Earth but elsewhere.

What Dr. Silver said, is that human beings are experiencing various problems not seen within the animal kingdom. This suggests that the human body didn’t evolve completely to deal with Earth and its environmental conditions. Humans believe that they are the most advanced and vastly superior lifeforms who inhabit the planet but this may not be true. Dr. Silver also suggested that humans did not travel to Earth voluntarily but were perhaps forced to live here.

We may just be the descendants of prisoners. If you think about it, humans are rather violent by nature. We are hunters, conquerors and lust for one another by different ways.

People are also power hungry and more often than not selfish as well. At some point, human beings may well be returned to their origination. This might explain why there have been so many extraterrestrial sightings over time. Maybe we have been under observation all this time, awaiting our true destiny before destroying one another for good or evil.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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