Scientists Unearth 800-Million-Year Old Russian Sleeping Beauty

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Scientists are in an uproar as the remains of an 800-million-year-old woman were found in Russia. It was in 1969, when this discovery took place in the village known as Rzhavchik, in the Kemerovo region. It’s like anything else that’s been discovered so far. If this age is real, it changes everything we know about our past world history, challenging the theory of evolution.

This happened by accident, during surface mining in a coal mine. The miners went a long way and a miner named Karnaukhov found a marble coffin that was built like never before. Karnaukhov went about 230 meters underground when he found this strange coffin. The coffin was damaged, as it began to melt due to the sunlight hitting it. General Alexander Alexandrovich Masalygin ordered an immediate halt to all ongoing operations.

Image by Rolanda from Pixabay

When the coffin was brought into the light, it appeared pinkish, with a blue/pink liquid. The coffin appears to be made of some kind of putty. Inside, covered in water, are the remains of a beautiful woman. She was about thirty years old. His blue eyes are beautiful because they open in a strange way. Her waist is slim, her arms are short, and her nails are well manicured.

Her dress was white and laced up to her knees. At first glance, the men who looked at her at first thought that she was still alive in some way – that she was lying there quietly and resting. Their hope is that she was still alive and sleeping. Next to her head (above the coffin), the miners found a black rectangular iron box. The box is curved in one direction and looks like a phone. The box measures about 25 by 10 cm. 

After he opened the coffin, it was laid out for all to see for several hours. The whole town came to see this mysterious sleeping beauty. Soon after, the incident was reported locally. Later, firefighters, soldiers, and soldiers all arrived in red helicopters. Then they chased away all the spectators. The authorities (KGB) later sealed off the place, and separated everyone who touched the coffin, including bystanders. 

They were taken to the medical emergency department for evaluation. Initially, it was planned to use a helicopter to carry the woman in a coffin. At first it failed because there was too much weight to carry. So they decided to drain the water (big mistake) because after that, the body started to turn black right before them. It seems that this liquid, whatever it was, had been preserving her for all of those years. 

They quickly poured whatever water they could in attempts to collect on the coffin remains. Almost immediately, she began to color again, as her eyes turned from black to the beautiful blue they had been just moments earlier. Her cheeks also became flushed. 

The witnesses were ordered to disperse. After that, the helicopter took off into the sky and headed for Novosibirsk to Moscow. It was assumed that the scientists were going to publish their findings soon. They were shocked when they discovered that this woman’s body was 800 million years old, according to their estimates.

Ironically, it seems that she found herself isolated within the mine. The only logical explanation is that she originated from an ancient civilization here on Earth. Maybe she was even a time traveler. 

Who she was or perhaps where she came from remains a mystery to this day. Darwin’s theory of evolution must now be challenged. Now the question is, what happened to her body? Was she hidden away somewhere in a secret laboratory?

Apparently there were two similar coffins found. All their coffins were made from unknown and known materials. The dress she wore was unknown. One man actually tasted the liquid and died a week later, freezing in his backyard.

Many people tried to find out the truth of things, one of them continued to insist on the matter and he died 2 months later. Maybe it’s some kind of cover up. Many witnesses also died. The rest of the locals remained silent, fearing for their lives.

The government returned in 1973 and closed down the area. They searched the area carefully and found two more similar graves. These tombs were found at the mouth of a lake known as Berchikul. This lake is six kilometers from Rzhavchik. The government did not release any further information about the discovery of other graves.

Update: Everyone at the mine is dead except for one geologist. They died in accidents such as drowning and car accidents. It seems this tomb was not meant to be discovered after all. 

Source: Ancient Patriarchs

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