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Dragon skeleton remains found in China

They have been a part of mythology and many stories, over the course of many years. They can fly, breath fire and have an enormous body mass. Warding off hoards of treasure hunters, they collect and store their precious loot in caverns and caves throughout the world.

These are known as dragons. These legendary creatures, have appeared in many films and television shows as well…after jumping right off the page and into our hearts. Perhaps however, these are not just fantasy, but now something of reality. Quite typically, dragons are portrayed as having serpentine or reptilian type traits. They are able to spew forth fire, which can burn a man alive or set a village ablaze rather quickly.

Dragon skeleton found in China

Four years ago in China, the remains of what appears to be a long dragon corpse, was discovered. A semi-transparent dragon, was found in the sea of China by a fisherman in the Shandong Province. The skeletal remains, stretched out to nearly 12 feet in length. The corpse resembles both a large snake and partial elephant type skull. The rumor is, this was just some sort of sculpture but since its discovery, nothing more was said. Was this covered up for some kind of reason?

Dragon skeleton remains found in China

Japanese news outfit Byoukan Sunday reported on the story back on March 30th. The dragon bones, have 153 different joints with the head resembling that of legendary Chinese dragon “Ryu”. There are several well-known dragons in culture. Both the Chinese dragon and the European dragon. Each of them, have distinctive features with their appearance. Particularly, their body sizes vary greatly.

While dragons have often appeared in different Chinese legends, a dragon having several horns on its head, is best regarded as a totem. Totems were originally invented by the Chinese people, who later would worship them. The Chinese people refer to this as “descendants of the dragon”.

Guanling County, Anshun City dragon corpse

Guanling County, Anshun City dragon corpse

Allegedly, these remains were found in Guanling County, Anshun City, back in 1996. The dragon body, was well preserved measuring 25 feet long with its head being almost 3 feet. It’s tail measured 12 feet in long. This has been regarded as fake but with its size, one can imagine what the dragon recovered in Shandong Province might have looked like. (Source: Weird Asian News)

While dinosaur bones are on display, there are no officially displayed dragons yet. Perhaps one day, we will all see the legendary dragon alive or its fossils make their way to the masses. Look at all the wildlife that currently exists, such as large crocodiles which resemble dragons to some degree. There may well be a few dragons left in the world, in remote places…perhaps guarding their hoarded treasure troves.

Dragon corpse in China

More recently, a large skeletal pile of remains, was found in a field located in Zhangjiakou City. This sixty-foot corpse had a horned looking skull along with dinosaur-like arms and large rib bones. As seen in this video, a group of villagers gathered around the corpse of this fallen dragon.

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