Annabelle the haunted doll

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Perhaps you have heard about the 2013 released film The Conjuring, this film is loosely based upon a rather disturbing story about an ordinary Raggedy Ann doll. For the film, it was given a more sinister appearance. This film centers around a family who is terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse. However, the original story is rather creepy.

donnie with doll

Rewind time back to the 1970’s, one day a mother was on the look out for the perfect gift for her daughters birthday. She noticed an innocent enough looking gift from an antique shop, it was a Raggedy Ann doll.

She thought this would bring her daughter much joy in her life. Instead, the opposite seemed to happen. At the time they were living in a small apartment with a roommate named Angie.

Donna kept this doll on her bed, Angie noticed something strange about this doll, it would move around subtlety at certain moments. Gradually, this continued to happen, over time the doll was found in different rooms and laying in different positions.

The doll also appeared on her bed after it was left on the floor one day. Donna discovered small messages which were written similar to that of a toddler, the messages read: “Help Us” and “Help Lou”.

One day Donna was startled to find traces of blood on the doll. It had blood on its chest and back of its hands. A medium was then contacted to help get a sense of things, a medium will use their psychic or intuitive abilities to see the past, present and future series of events which happened – turning it into spirit energy surrounding that particular person.

Spirits often will communicate with a medium through mind and body expressing a specific feeling. After the medium further examined what was happening, she found out this doll was possessed by a girl named Annabelle Higgins.

Lou is a friend of Donna’s he disliked the doll from the start. The message which was written “Help Lou” was rather diabolical. One evening, Lou found himself paralyzed. the doll crawled up his neck then onto his chest it seemed to be strangling him.

He regained consciousness afterward and seemed rattled by what happened. He found 7 distinct claw type marks on his chest. Later a priest was brought in to cleanse the spirit which seemingly was haunting this family.

Annabelle the haunted doll is now resting at the Warrens Occult Museum in Moodus, Connecticut.


Demonic Possession

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