Twisted secrets between sisters

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As with most stories about siblings, they tend to either get along either very well or not much at all. Rarely, there is a balance of both. Several sisters grew up together and along the way, they bumped heads a bit like most siblings do. However, this time around, things were quite different after all. Jackie is two years younger than her older sister. Most of the time, Jackie was introverted and acted shy most of the time.

Now that Jackie is 17, she still seems to be tied to her mothers apron strings. Jackie would never leave the house and acted quite peculiar most of the time. Almost everyone she has come into contact with, agrees that there is something quite different about her. Jackie seemed to enjoy telling oddball stories, about different things when she was younger. She would often lie about what happened or what she had seen.

Twisted sisters

Jackie would setup her sister, by dragging her into her own personal drama, by using her as a scapegoat. Their father one day said, that Jackie told him about an evil spirit in her room. The father was confused about it and didn’t think much of it at first.

When Jackie came downstairs to eat breakfast in the morning, she would be covered with scratches on her back and face. Muttering to herself, she would say things like “Nasty demon.” This of course upset both of their parents, as they believed something was very wrong with their daughter. The mother believed that she was displaying signs of schizophrenia.

The father one day found bird beaks which were still dripping wet with blood. These beaks were scattered across the house in strange places. Some of the hiding spots included sofa cushions, the inside of a coffee cup or inside of an air vent.

One day the father followed a trail of small feathers and blood drops back towards Jackie’s bedroom. This really set him off as he acted rather crazed that day. Jackie’s sister recalled listening to her parents fight about what to do with Jackie. It was upsetting the family.

Sisters together

A meeting took place, where Jackie’s parents asked her about the bloody beaks. To their sudden surprise, Jackie shook her head rather violently. She also began making chirping sounds like a bird. They have Jackie some sort of medication to quite her down, as they forced the medication down her throat. Everyone it seems was weary of Jackie and how she was behaving. The older sister decided to lock her door from now on.

The older sister began to experience nightmares. Jackie wouldn’t be too far away it seems. She would stare at her big sister with her pale green eyes. Her messy, unkempt autumn colored hair, would always creep out the older sister for some reason.

She wondered whether or not she was next, for a jagged obscure haircut like her younger sister had. It simply creep ed her out. The mother now was worried about her older daughter as well. Once she turned eighteen, she moved out of the house with her boyfriend.

The older daughter mentioned that she will never forget that day. Jackie wandered over to her and handed over a sealed envelope. Jackie giggled to herself before backing away. The older sister reached into the envelope and to her surprise were pictures Jackie had drawn for her. The pictures showed the older sister scratching Jackie’s face and torturing animals. The older sisters face turned pale white, as she looked at Jackie pointing at her grinning rather evilly.

Then Jackie spoke the follow words, which still haunt her today:

“You’re the one, Denise. You’re the demon. You come to me at night – in your sleep. You keep bringing me baby birds, Denise. I like the crunch. If you don’t, I’ll tell – and you’ll be the one taken away.”

The older sister couldn’t believe it. She had been sleepwalking at night, doing the unthinkable. She never could remember what was happening at night. The sister said, she tries to stay happy but now – her boyfriend wakes up with scratches all over him.

(Source: Backpackerverse)

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