Angels assist a child into the afterlife

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There are so many stories about the afterlife, perhaps this time something was actually captured making this evidence of the unknown. This video seems to show an actual angelic presence—briefly assisting this small child into the afterlife. There is a warm glow and a sense of comfort to this extraordinary moment which was captured by amateur video far atop an apartment house.

What this looks like, are several angels who seem to briefly visit the building where a child had once died. These angels seem to appear behind the soul of this particular child.

Igor Shvedov is responsible for this video, proclaiming it as actual evidence of supernatural beings. Some have dismissed this as nothing more than sun flares or reflective light or being some type of hoax. The video was released back in May, 2008.

angel with child

With the video being so unstable, it leaves room for much doubt. These angels seem to be taking this dead child into another time or place. Make no mistake, these supernatural entities are here for some purpose, hopefully it is something good. Igor Shvedov is a pastor and religious in his beliefs and teachings.

He currently resides in Kazakhstan which has a population of around 17,037,508 people. There are more females here than males, since 2012 the population has risen by 125,508 people. The video was taken in the city of Semipalatinsk.

One person mentioned they don’t know if its fake or not, however it was filmed by a pastor and they should be given more credit for sharing this. In the end, the only thing which matters is what you actually believe.

angel and child

Fallen angel video

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