Sex with a succubus

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There are several kinds of spiritual phenomena the first is objective phenomena when spirits cause things to happen. A personal observation of moving objects such as furniture moving by itself, noises being heard and electrical devices turning on and off etc.

The second type is subjective phenomena, this is when spirits can cause a singular person to begin a telepathic communication, this would consist of visions and ultimately types of sleep paralysis will begin happening to them. People sometimes can suffer from different mental illnesses, where they think they see something which isn’t really there in other cases.


Both ghosts and other entities such as a succubus demon can cause psychic control to happen. When this does, things can take a turn for better or worse. In most cases, people have reported encounters of a sexual kind in regards to an experience with a succubus. A succubus is a female demoness, they have been described having horns on their head, a tail and sharp talon type claws.

One man from West Virginia mentioned while he was sleeping he suddenly felt something crawl up his leg. He didn’t know what was happening initially until he felt something on his mouth, it was as if he was giving oral sex to an invisible female. He felt like oral sex was being performed on him as well.

West Virginia

This woke him up and he looked around yet nothing was there. Afterward a more physical type touching happened to him (he described it as a static electrical sensation). The succubus threatened to kill him a number of times if he would not have sex with it. He tried to keep his wits about him and didn’t want to give into the temptation of this devilish fiend.

This continued over time causing him to even lose his job. He was a fairly religious man and decided to start going to church again. He tried communicating with this thing through electronic voice phenomena (EVP).

The recordings he found freaked him out. As he listened to the recordings, he heard “Beelzebub”. This is the contemporary Hebrew name used for the devil. The whispers sounded satanic and he was really disturbed by what was happening to him. After all of this, he sought out medical attention.

Unfortunately for this man, they elected to put him into a psychiatric ward for observation. Perhaps this was for the better as he eventually was released 3 days later. He claimed that the only way to stop this from happening to him was from drinking alcohol. The sleep paralysis he was tormented from—was too intense as he lost any control that he once had.

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