New Homeowners Find Footage Of A Demonic Possession

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Where this originated from is unclear but it was posted on the YouTube channel “Cody”. Allegedly, this is 8mm footage of a man who was possessed by a demonic force of some kind. The film dates back to 1973 and was discovered by the new homeowners. Inside of the home, a canister of 8mm film was found…along with a set of audio recordings.

Found footage demonic possession

Who this person is and whether or not this is real remains a complete mystery. It is disturbing to watch on some level, as the man is clearly disturbed. His physical appearance is astounding, as he twists and turns in terror and torment.

The footage is in black and white and the camera pans around a dark room, where a man is seen laying in bed. His face is grotesque and his body seems rather frail. According to the description on YouTube, the family who found this is from Iowa. They found the film and audio recordings upstairs in the attic. The husband was the first to have found this bizarre film.

It is assumed that he later had the film transferred over to video and then uploaded it online somewhere. It was posted on YouTube back on July 5th, 2011. From what was written, the husband refused his family to watch this footage. Perhaps he uploaded it online to get more information about it, as the man seen is still unknown.

If this legitimate, then it is one of the best documented demonic possessions ever seen. Why and when this man was possessed isn’t known either. Those who attempt to make contact with forces beyond our understanding, always put themselves at great risk. Where did this man end up? Was a priest contacted to conduct an exorcism? If he didn’t get any kind of help, he surely didn’t last much longer due to starvation. It may have been some kind of seance gone wrong or an experiment of some sort.

Whoever was filming this didn’t know what else to do, as they roamed around the room trying to capture everything that they could. Perhaps this man was returned back to normal somehow. Even after this, he would likely be haunted by his experience for the rest of his natural days.

So, how did this video make its way onto the internet? According to Cody from YouTube:

“I came in contact with them a few years ago through a family friend. They all know I’ve been into the paranormal for a long time now and figured it would be something I was interested in. After having the footage for 30 plus years, they were kind enough to give it to me.”

Other questions remain such as what kind of demon possessed him. Let’s hope this man recovered from his demonic possession.

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