Frightening Monk Visage Photo Remains Unsolved

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The photograph in question dates back to 1963, when Reverend K. F. Lords took a most unusual photograph. Seen standing next to an altar, appears to be some kind of apparition. This occurred inside ‘Skelton-cum-Newby Church of Christ the Consoler’. The location is in the northern part of Yorkshire, England.

When people first glanced at this, they simply couldn’t believe their eyes. Many have mentioned that this is nothing more than some kind of double exposure glitch, from the camera shot. However, nobody has ever been able to recognize this figure or what it actually was. It has been labeled as a ghostly monk, standing inside of the church.

Numerous references to this apparition of sorts, have been added in different books from the 1980’s and beyond. This particular church, has never been known to be haunted by any means. This makes this photograph all the more special, as it is unique upon itself. The hooded looking figures head, resembles the mask used in the film franchise series “Scream”.

The clarity of this ghostly figure, makes many think it is fake. But it hasn’t been debunked yet either.To date, no one has been able to explain who the figure might be. It remains a perplexing mystery of sorts. This ghastly fellow, appears to be wearing a hooded cowl. The body looks as if it has some transparency to it as well.

While it’s tough to see every detail, this cloaked apparition…looks as if it was posing for the photo in some way. The robe seems to stretch unto the floor. Would a monk pose like this for a photo? Perhaps so, the long flowing robe stretches down towards the floor. This makes seeing the legs or feet of this ‘ghostly spirit’ much more difficult.

Most notably, the face-mask looks deformed in the photograph. There are two separate eye sockets seen, along with a creepy ominous vibe coming from the photo in question. When Reverend K. F. Lords noticed this, he was in complete horror.

Documents state that construction of the Newby Church first started back in 1871. By the time that 1876 came around, monks would have taken up residence within the church or its nearby grounds. Experts have continued to examine this photo over the years but none have reached the conclusion that it is completely fake. This might be one rare paranormal moment actually captured on camera.

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