Rise Of The Dead Internet And How We Are Influenced By It

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Many people believe that something weird has been going on for quite some time. Most if not all of the information we consume online is created by AI (Artificial Intelligence) in some shape or form. While this may well be true, it isn’t confirmed. Some think we are being drip fed selective information to alter our thinking about specific topics. 

The biggest use of this would be with politics and trying to sway someone’s thoughts a certain way and how they would react to the presented candidate. Right now, it is trying times and many people are upset on each side of the fence. The algorithms in search results, AI powered generative responses and the mainstream media is all at play here. 

There has been a rise of indie media outlets as people are no longer trusting sources as they did once before. In the early days of the internet things were far more innocent. Now, many agendas are happening with lots of manipulation going on. What we watch, read and listen to can be altered by AI and things can be skewed a certain way. 

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How many of us actually believe everything we read and see? Certainly there is a percentage of people that do. Many people believe that the internet is a fake simulation or facade, created to control and monitor us. There is no concrete evidence to support this theory, but there are a number of reasons why it has gained popularity. 

Firstly, the internet has become increasingly centralized, with a small number of companies controlling a vast majority of online traffic. Secondly, recent technologies have allowed for the creation of synthetic media that is very difficult to distinguish from real-life objects. Many people are concerned about the flood of fake information that exists on the internet. Although there is no clear consensus on whether or not the DIT is true, it is an interesting theory to consider given the increasing centralization of the internet and the proliferation of fake content being generated.

There have been many criticisms of the dead internet theory. There is no evidence to support the claims made by the Dead Internet Theory. Critics of the theory often point to the fact that the internet seems to be getting less and less interesting as evidence that it is being controlled. However, there are a number of other explanations for this, such as the fact that we are simply becoming more jaded with technology over time. The more, better, faster now mentality does exist within our society.

Another criticism of the theory is that all of this relies on a misunderstanding of how the internet works. The internet is a complex system, and it is not possible for a small number of entities to control it completely or can they? We only know what is presented to us as the rest remains hidden for a reason.

There are simply too many different websites and online services for any one entity to have complete control. This theory has been criticized for pushing a sense of paranoia. Often there are claims being made about the internet and what purpose it serves to us all. This can lead to people becoming unnecessarily afraid of technology (in general) and the internet in particular. It really is a double edged sword and if not wielded correctly, it can lead to unexpected results. 

Video games, film and of course television have become stagnant. The creativity that existed once before seems to have faded away. There are very few new productions amid the recent Hollywood strikes that are even worth the time to watch. Most of it is utter trash or attempted rehashes of various franchise movies or shows. 

People want quality entertainment and good media to report things to them in a clear and concise way. While the internet is a powerful tool to be used, it can be used for good or bad. The dark web is an example of this. Be wary and aware of the potential dangers that exist, but continue to think for yourself and have your own opinion of things. We can only wonder what the future might look like as more technology influences our way of life.

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