Unidentified Red Sea Blob Creature Found By Australian Woman

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She had no idea what exactly it was, yet this strange red blob appeared to have washed up on the shore. While Debbie Higgs from Mount Coolum, Australia was out walking along the shoreline she came across a rather unusual looking specimen. Whatever it was, it may have been some kind of jellyfish, but experts are not so sure about that. 

Debbie Higgs Red Blob Australia

Debbie later shared her photo online and posted about it. Debbie said, “I’ve just found this jellyfish washed up at Mudjimba -what the??” 

The exact location where this red sea blob was found is located at Mudjimba Beach. She went on to say that the bright red blob was around 10 inches long. After searching around, Debbie later learned this creature might be a Hexabranchus sanguineus. However, this is only speculation for now. This creature is not your typical jellyfish by any means. It might even be a new species altogether. 

Could there be more of these in the ocean? Some have speculated whether or not they could be an invasive type species altogether. Some have suggested this specimen should be taken to Wildlife and Fisheries for further study. Debbie explained that this red sea creature had a pungent smell about it. 

The area where Debbie is from has around 4,300 people living there. Mount Coolum is a coastal suburb in the Sunshine Coast Region of Queensland, Australia. Debbie went on to say she will give the blob over to whoever if it is a rare creature. If not, she will return it back to the beach from where it was first found. 

While this discovery was made back in 2014, it has since baffled people and even went viral online for a while. Discoveries such as these make one wonder whether or not other species have been living among us in the depths below and in other remote locations. Who knows what else is out there.

(Source: Metro UK)

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