Young Ecuador woman died witnessing celebrities burning in Hell

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While this is quite an incredible concept to imagine, an 18 year old woman from Ecuador makes mention of her nightmarish afterlife experience. Her name is Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora and according to her, she was taken by Jesus Christ to tour through both Heaven and Hell. While she was in Hell, she witnessed the burning souls of Michael Jackson and Pope John Paul II among other celebrities on Earth. For whatever reason, they were all there burning in hell for eternity for their sins.

Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora

She spent nearly one day there (23 hours) and while she was experiencing the unimaginable, she makes mention about this through her swore testimony. She learned about both the glories of Heaven and the rapture during the end of times. The Lord was going to show her another part of the furnace of Hell, but instead she begged for mercy as the Lord whisked her away.

Some wonder if all of this is to strike fear into the hearts of men and women. Perhaps so, but if there is any truth to her encounter—then mankind should be very afraid and immediately change their wicked ways.

Angelica continued to say, that the likes of Selena (a revered musical artist who was later killed by her manager) was also seen shouting and screaming about being forgiven and to be shown mercy from The Lord thy God.

Angelica said, that the Lord gestured with his hand pointing towards Selena. She was seen shouting and screaming begging for mercy to be taken away from Hell. Then the Lord, told her it was too late to repent for her sins upon Earth. Angelica was instructed by the Lord, to tell humanity about everything she had seen to not end up in Hell, for their sins upon the world.

People choose with their own free will, they must make the right choices by doing good and being kind to one another. The Lord went on to make mention of not listening to any of Selena’s songs, or singing her praise.

Each time someone listens to Selena’s music, she would further be tormented in Hell and that they would join her. Angelica then asked the Lord about the many demons seen spewing out what looked like rain. The Lord replied by saying these demons were in fact people enveloped by flames shouting for help. These “demons” were seen laughing as the flames grew more intensely.

Angelica Elizabeth Zambrano Mora in Hell

As Angelica listened to the terrifying screams of agony and anguish by these people (now deemed demons) the Lord told her, this is from the wages of people who had not yet repented. The Lord took her to a place, where a man who was very well known. It was Pope John Paul II a man of God, a man of faith. The reason for him being in Hell was a simple one. He used to preach to many speaking the word of God but ultimately he chose money over salvation.

As Angelica wander with the Lord, they came upon entertainer Michael Jackson. His reason for being in Hell, was from making a deal with the devil—so that he could have fame and fans. The Lord said that the dances Michael mimicked were that of demons as they tormented damned souls in Hell.

Equally so, those who listen to his songs and idolized him may well join Michael in his eternal damnation. The Lord also showed her a tunnel where thousands of souls were thereby dropped into a swallowing abyss of nothingness descending at a reckless pace.

Stairway to Heaven

Angelica was taught that when people died, they would be sent to Heaven. However, this was not the case as a number of people never make it there. Doing the right thing and following God spreading love and kindness to one another, will ultimately lead one to the gates of Heaven, where they will enjoy eternal happiness forever.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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