Ever Think Of Summoning Forth A Demon? Think Again

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While most people would never dream of doing something like this, there are some people out there who dabble in the dark arts. It is a dangerous thing to do and likely will bring forth something bad into your life. 

These kinds of practices date back many years and often are held in secret locations such as out in the remote wilderness or in underground places. People have been attempting to contact dark forces out of curiosity or understanding. However, dealing with an entity such as this is extremely dangerous. 

Officially, the Church of Satan was established back in 1966. There are a number of people who actually attend these churches. Perhaps they hold rituals in an attempt to make contact with demonic type forces.

There have been rumors about people trading their souls for power and money in this lifetime. What will happen to them in the afterlife? Was it really worth the trade? There is an old expression, “They must have made a deal with the Devil” or other variations of it. 

Some celebrities are thought to have traded their very souls or other types of sacrifices, in order to achieve what they have in life. This likely goes for other positions of power, including world leadership. 

There are different types of demons thought to be in this world with us. Shockingly, even some of them are well mannered yet equally as dangerous to deal with. Those seeking some kind of insight would make contact with Asmodeus or Astaroth.

Others include Belial or Eligor who may help with work related issues including advancement. There are other demons such as the Goetic, they allegedly are the “friendliest” towards humans. 

Arrogant fools will attempt to command demons to do their beckoning. This likely would be a mistake, as some sort of retaliation might happen.  

“As stated by the Ministries of Joy of Satan, “it is important to have a specific purpose; know exactly why you need to summon a demon in particular.” It is also highly suggested to “treat the demons with honesty and respect. Never command, demand or try to exploit them in any way.” Additionally, prior to summoning your desired demon of choice, make sure to carefully select your request. This ascertains you achieve your goal.”

There are a number of steps to be taken to make contact with a demon and summon them into the world. First of all, select a demon then narrow down your request.

Demon summoning

After this, offer some sort of bargain. Find a means of contact, meditate and focus, prepare some sort of ritual, burn incense, bring and burn candles, use a demonic sigil, prayer will be needed, attempt to make contact in the future and speak with the demonic force as necessary. 

Be wary and be warned. This is no joke, many people have had their lives affected by demons. They attempt to influence people’s emotions and outcome.

Their agenda is simple to cause harm to all of humanity and to overthrow our very world with eternal darkness. Be strong and vigilant when encountering such evil forces. Turn to the light and away from the darkness overcome and prevail against all.

(Source: Freaked)

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