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Zimbabwe Woman Dies After Having Sex With Ghost

Woman Dies After Having Sex With Ghost

A young woman apparently died after having sex with a ghost in Pumula East, Zimbabwe. Her name is Sithandazile Mpofu and she died from excessive bleeding. Allegedly, she met a “ghost” at the local...

911 Dispatcher Receives Eerie Phone Call

911 Dispatcher Receives Eerie Phone Call

It was a typical day for one dispatcher who worked in a undisclosed location in West Virginia. While there, they conversed with other co-workers and went about their day. However, on this day…things were...

The Friendly Dead

The Friendly Dead

Ghostly apparitions will sometimes appear as a threat but sometimes they are there to help give comfort to those who need it. There is a story about a young man who was in the...

Peg Entwistle Hollywood sign ghost

The Hollywood Sign Ghost

While Peg Entwistle only reached mediocre fame as an actress, her haunting spirit lives on in the hearts of Hollywood and beyond. Tragically, Peg committed suicide on the night of September 18, 1932. After...

FBI Female Paranormal Investigators

These Chicks Chase After Ghosts

This all female team, mean serious business. They call themselves FPI (Female Paranormal Investigators). They use different gadgets to find anything and everything paranormal related, as they search for truth. Using science, knowledge and...