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Doorbell Camera Captures Floating Apparition Near Garage

Whatever this thing was, it looked comparable to what most people consider being a ghost. This apparition seems to only last for a few moments before dissipating to another nearby car. The location where this recording took place was in Valdosta, Georgia. It happened on February 20 this year at 10:45 PM.  Things like this

Demonic Baby Doll Head Appears Behind Woman During Her Selfie Video

During a selfie pose, one user posted on social media a rather unusual looking video. As seen during her pose, a demonic looking baby doll head suddenly appears behind her. Whether it is fake or not, the video has garnered much attention online. The video was taken in Las Vegas, the 28th-most populated city in

Magician Photographs Ghostly Figure By Castle Window

What resembles a ghostly figure can be seen standing by a window located in Edinburgh’s Lauriston Castle located in Scotland. The man who snapped the photograph, happens to be a magician but he stated that this is no trick. Whatever this figure could be, it appears to be from times past.  The ghostly figure, appears

Rumors Regarding Roadside Ghosts

There have been a number of tales regarding roadside ghosts. Often, people see them as they are traveling down the road. Most often they have been seen during the night but sometimes these ghastly fiends have appeared during the daylight hours. Some of the sightings in question involve what resembles a woman wearing a white

Ghostly Feet Recorded While Couple Visits Real American Haunted House

Whether or not someone believes in ghosts is their own opinion. Yet, there have been a number of documented happenings around the world recorded on video or someone snapping a rather unusual photo. While a couple was in a known haunted location in Louisiana, they managed to record three sets of ghostly feet wandering by.