Viral Video Shows Alleged Frozen Monster In Ice

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Recently, a video has been released showing what appears to be some kind of monster head. Whatever it is, it doesn’t appear to be human. The quality isn’t all that great and the camera tends to move around rather erratically. Some have said this is some kind of alien discovery found in the Antarctic. However, the location isn’t really known. All of it is pure speculation at this point. 

Monster eyes lake
Image: TikTok / @itsoffiallybigcol

A few people think this creature is merely a frozen Halloween mask or balloon inside of a pond at an undisclosed location. This isn’t the first time that someone has claimed discovery of a creature such as this in Antarctica. It is really anyone’s best guess at this point. The original source isn’t known but the video has since appeared on both YouTube and Tiktok over the last few days. 

What would all of this mean for humanity if this was for real? Finding such a discovery would change our entire world and what we know of it. Many conspiracy theorists and researchers believe that other evidence such as this has been covered up to the general public before. This includes the bones of giants and even smaller little people – found in scattered locations around the world.

Image: TikTok / @itsoffiallybigcol

Maybe this discovery is more extraterrestrial by nature as that might make for some sense. Perhaps this alien was on a scouting mission and crashed down. It is assumed it wouldn’t survive such conditions with the atmosphere changes from its native origin – let alone the frigid temperatures in somewhere like Antarctica. 

This discovery could be in a location like the Weddell Sea. The bay there is formed from the coasts of Coats Land and the Antarctic Peninsula. With the water here being at -0.7 °C or colder, something surviving here would be quite a feat. Scientists reported that over the last 30 or so years the depths have reached over 2,000 meters. However, the Weddell Sea has absorbed as much heat as the rest of the ocean based on an average reading.

One other theory about this is the discovery could be some kind of new fish species or marine mammal. Just like with many things like this there are some who believe and others who do not. Regardless, we are seeing more and more strange happenings lately. Is this a sign of the times? Hopefully the end isn’t here yet but who really knows yet. 

There is so much left unexplained yet and as humans we have many questions left unanswered still regarding these kinds of discoveries. For now, the possibility of an alien monster discovery has captured the imaginations of many around the world. So, did this man really stumble upon a monster creature in Antarctica? It is a fascinating possibility. 

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