CERN Researchers Admit Communication With Extra-Dimensional Beings

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It seems like something from science fiction but people have admitted to communicating with extra-dimensional beings of some type. These researchers from CERN (the world’s largest particle physics laboratory) have for quite some time been interacting with something beyond our understanding. What this thing or things are is the question. Some think they are more demonic by nature or in fact they could be some kind of extraterrestrial entities of some kind.

They are referred to as being more like extra-dimensional beings. Perhaps they are reaching out to us to help or possibly to mislead us into some kind of trap. We will have to be suspicious of such activities. CERN is located not far from Geneva, Switzerland, near the France-Switzerland border. There have been many questions surrounding these facilities and what is going on there. 

CERN (for the most part) is respected by the scientific community, since its foundation back in 1954. It is otherwise known as The European Organization for Nuclear Research. It is considered to be a prestigious organization which hosts the most powerful particle accelerator ever created. The Large Hadron Collider (LHC) is quite the spectacle to behold. The LHC is used to study particles and forces of nature. 

Image by Enrique Meseguer from Pixabay

With this newfound knowledge, extra dimensions could be hidden from our view, but they still play an important role in the fundamental physics of the universe. If extra dimensions exist, the LHC could provide a way to detect them. 

When high-energy particles collide in the LHC, they produce new particles and radiation. If some of these particles escape into extra dimensions, they may leave behind a signature in the LHC data. One way to search for extra dimensions at the LHC is to look for particles that disappear into extra dimensions and then reappear. 

This may happen if the particles have a very short lifetime or if they are very heavy and can only exist in extra dimensions. Another way to search for extra dimensions is to look for gravity leaking into extra dimensions. Gravity is a very weak force, but it is the only force that acts on all particles, including massless particles. If gravity leaks into extra dimensions, it could explain why gravity is so much weaker than the other forces of nature.

So far, the LHC has not found any definitive evidence for extra dimensions. However, it has ruled out the existence of large extra dimensions, and it has placed constraints on the properties of smaller extra dimensions.

CERN extra-dimensional beings

The search for extra dimensions is one of the most exciting areas of research at the LHC. If extra dimensions are found, it would revolutionize our understanding of the universe and its fundamental laws. It could also lead to new discoveries about the nature of gravity and dark matter. That being mentioned, there are these researchers who have admitted to finding something. Whatever it is that has been found has been kept hush hush for now. 

In regards to extra-dimensional beings, there are so many questions. This would include what they would be like? How would they compare to us? This would be a comparison to our physical bodies. But keep in mind, what we know is limited to our understanding here on earth. These extra-dimensional beings could be vastly different from us. They might be made from a different kind of matter altogether and have mastered various different technologies that we could only ever dream of. 

For many years people have speculated about other entities out there or even here with us. Perhaps they have been here far longer than we have in reference to scripture from The Bible. With CERN and the funding behind it, there is an upgrade proposed which will increase its energy and luminosity. This is supposed to take place sometime by 2029. Maybe then, we will have more answers. 

An announcement was made that explained how CERN is creating a detector for gravity. This will detect gravitons, the hypothetical particles which carry the force of gravity. It is quite fascinating to think about. 

If definitive evidence is presented about CERN and extra-dimensional beings then many of the mysteries of the universe will be unraveled for us. This would include dark matter and dark energy. We could learn more about how we are not alone in the universe and lastly our knowledge of physics will be changed forever. We direly need these questions answered. 

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