Dad films ghost swing at the playground

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Parents enjoy spending time with their children, especially in the early years while their children are still young. This family experienced something rather unusual as they stopped at a park to play. There wasn’t any strong wind, it was an overcast day nothing out of the ordinary until they noticed a swing moving mysteriously by itself.

Using his mobile phone, Scotty Denton uploaded this footage. The swing located in Rhode Island, appears to be occupied by a ghostly spirit (so he claims). This ghost at the playground clip has already been seen on Facebook by over 6 million people. Scotty hasn’t mentioned anything about his family having a haunted history. This is more of a random moment at best.

Scotty said: “We’re in the playground and the kids don’t want to go anymore because of this.”

Scotty Denton

The family were so freaked out by this they decided to stay in their car. Their curiosity got the better of them as they kept watching for a while. Around them there was nobody else, no wires or strings used to move the swing with. The other swings weren’t even moving so something certainly was suspicious about this swing.

Scottie’s son mentioned that maybe someone pushed it. However there was no one near the playground swing set other than them. After further investigation a few locals mentioned that is swing seems to move by itself quite often, it’s always going crazy one person said.

the park

It might be quite possibly some kind of anomaly. There is also the possibility of a real haunting here. Perhaps a lingering spirit decided to stay behind for some extra playtime. Maybe a small child died not far from here and their spirit remains behind simply playing a bit more.

One person claimed that this playground is on a peninsula. From that point, once you get closer to the playground—there is actually a gust of wind which hits the area. This family would have known this, if they actually left their car. Nothing more than nature at work they mentioned. Regardless, this incident has people talking and wondering about this strange swing set.

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