Police Body Camera Captures Vanishing Woman In Car

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It happened in a mere blink of an eye, as a woman was approached by an officer somewhere in what looks like California. The entire event is a real head scratcher, as the woman appeared to be cooperative for what seems like a routine traffic stop type incident. Could this be a prank? Certainly, but it isn’t yet known. 

We can assume she was telling the truth and simply ducked away out of camera view in a quick moment. Or, this was some stellar editing. However, she must have moved at super human speed to do so. The officer looked bedazzled as they tried to figure out what exactly happened. This took place during the day and from what could be seen – there was nobody else around from the dash camera view of the officers vehicle. 

missing young woman

With moments like these it makes you wonder what is really happening out there. Is this some kind of Matrix type of event? The young woman had a heavy eye-liner on and it was difficult to tell if she had been drinking. She did seem coherent with her speech though. Maybe it is some kind of glitch that was captured on video. 

Some people speculate that we are living in some kind of a simulation type world. But this is a theory for now. Or, maybe it isn’t. This police case is a strange one indeed. What makes this tough to tell is the location. There are no street signs or any other noticeable markers around. It is almost as if this woman was snatched or taken by something.

There are some real creepy videos out there, showing people disappearing or some kind of kidnapping type incidents. As mentioned before, nobody else appears in the video and the officer only seemed to take her eyes off of her for a quick moment. 

People often vanish without a trace, leaving behind their loved ones and baffled investigators. Some of these cases are eventually solved, but many remain unsolved for years or even decades. 

In some cases, the circumstances of the disappearance are so strange and inexplicable that they have been called “glitches in the matrix.” While some of these cases may eventually be solved, others may remain forever shrouded in mystery. It’s always interesting to come across these kinds of videos and pictures. 

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