Urban Legends Archive

Beware Of The Michigan Melon Heads

This urban legend originates from the wilderness of Saugatuck, Michigan. A number children here were unfortunately born with massive over-sized heads. A family lived in the backwoods and allegedly gave birth to children with deformations. Because of their unusual appearance, they were later sent off to the old Junction Insane Asylum.  It was there where

Legend Of The Black Shuck “Doom Dogs”

Located in the British Isles, are cursed ghostly dogs which roams the countryside. Many believe these dogs to be hell hounds instead. Why they have terrorized travelers is a mystery itself. These howling fiends, have a haunting howl that would send a chill down anyone’s spine. While many have reported seeing these rampant raging dogs,

Twin Sisters Return Again

The odds of being a twin, are about 14.87 out of every 1,000 births or 1 out of 67 pregnancies. It is a special thing being a twin, they seem to share a symbiotic type bond with one another. There is a story about several sisters who were very close. They got along very well

Her Name Is Jenny Greenteeth

Her name is Jenny Greenteeth, she is a fearsome menace to those who are near her especially children. This legendary hag is known for intentionally drowning both the young and the old. This gave her sheer pleasure watching her victims suffocate to death under a cold watery grave. It is known that she would even

Woman Dies Hunting Down The Pope Lick Monster

Chasing after ghosts among other legends can sometimes turn fatal. A tragic accident happened in Louisville, Kentucky. While attempting to hunt down the infamous Pope Lick Monster. Roquel Bain, from Dayton, Ohio was only 26 years old during the time, when she attempted to cross train tracks located in Fisherville, Louisville. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t make