The Horrors of Hell’s Gate Indiana

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A number of people, have claimed that Hell’s Gate exists in a place called Brazil, Indiana. Rumors have swirled, saying that there are seven different gates that are actually located around the Wabash Valley area. Amidst the folklore surrounding here, people believe a train derailed from a top of the gate, thereby killing all of the passengers aboard.

These unfortunate folks, were sent straight to hell. Like many locations such as these, they are believed to be surrounded by paranormal activity. It seems that the spirits are strongest during the night here. The witching hour, is thought to be at around 12:00 midnight. The cries of restless spirits, can be heard from the train tracks located from above the tunnel.

There are those, who claimed to hear chants coming from the woods as well. These people, persistently try to making contact with the spirits who died here. The entire place, has a rather eerie vibe to it. While sightings and stories have been mentioned about this place at night mostly, there are those who have claimed to see spirits in the daytime as well.

Hells Gate Indiana night

Once someone gets here, they allegedly are greeted by a fallen spirit, that appears about 30 minutes after being under the bridge itself. This guardian spirit, has been said to be 7 feet tall and lets loose a scream as they chase you under the bridge way. Occult practices are said to happen here, including using the dark arts with the sacrifices of both animals and humans. The leading members are known to raise their voices in the darkness.

If someone travels along Brazil, they first must head north towards the main road. After this, they will follow over an overpass. After continuing for a while, they will turn left onto 1500 road. Those brave enough, will come across an old train tunnel. It is here, where someone will stop their car and flash their lights three different times. After this, they will go back through and turn around inside of the tunnel.

This time however, they will have to stop midway inside of the tunnel. They will have to turn off their lights and car, sitting in place for around 10 minutes. When this happens, the graffiti will begin to glow at the tunnel and blood will begin flowing from the walls themselves. If someone’s name appears upon the wall, there will be a banging heard upon the windows, as the roof of the car will begin shaking.

Hells Gate tunnel inside

If the car stops, try starting it again as going through the tunnel. Here there is a tree which can be seen, by those who have sworn to see their name. It is said, there are two children who can be seen hanging from the tree. Those who linger will die a fateful death. Immediately leave if you see the children hanging from the tree. If you don’t, then your fate is sealed.

In total, the 7 different bridges must be explored by the same person. The first is located along Coal Bluff Road. After someone passes through all of these bridges, they will be able to look back and glance upon Hell’s Gate itself as it closes behind them.

While some of the directions are sketchy, it is known to begin traveling north on Highway 59 from Brazil. After this, one will have to turn west onto Country Road 1350. After driving past several stop signs, they will reach Rock Run Road. Here someone will need to turn onto the road which leads straight into Hell’s Gate.

One person shared their story, by mentioning that they were investigating this place. Upon their arrival, they noticed several black figures on top of the train tracks. There were spirits here believed to be numbering into around 20 different people. Perhaps these people were cult members trying to bring forth something from the underworld. Tread carefully while traveling here, you never know what might be lurking in the shadows.

(Source: Indiana Ghost Detectives)

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