Beware Of The Michigan Melon Heads

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This urban legend originates from the wilderness of Saugatuck, Michigan. A number children here were unfortunately born with massive over-sized heads.

A family lived in the backwoods and allegedly gave birth to children with deformations. Because of their unusual appearance, they were later sent off to the old Junction Insane Asylum. 

It was there where a psychotic doctor, began performing experiments on these children. These children were injected with different serums, among other bizarre fluids directly into their heads. This diabolical madman of sorts, tortured and abused these poor children for his own devilish delight. 

As the evening passed upon one dark and rainy night, the children devised a plan for their escape. They teamed up and attacked this deranged mad doctor with everything that they had.

By this point, they were hungry and mentally unstable. The children then began feasting upon the mad doctors very own flesh. Eventually, the children made their way out of the mental facility unscathed. They then wandered into the wilderness, not looking back behind them. 

Everything that they once knew was lost, along with their own minds. Their sense of humanity was all but gone. The children ended up scattering the bones of the mad doctor around a deserted mansion nestled in the forest beyond them.

While the urban legend is interesting it dates back to the late 1960’s when a group of teenagers created the jest of the story. At least, that is what many believe anyway. Word of this tale soon spread around and the infamous “Melon Heads” were news to all.

Some even think these children really exist or some kind of variation of them. Drivers and wanderers around the area have reported seeing figures in the forest among the roads. They might well be these deranged deformed children all grown up. 

If they survived, they became feral and lived off the land here. Nowadays, the local teenage crowd still insists the Melon Heads are real. Sightings of something around Wisner Road, has been seen.

An actual mansion exists here, known as the Dorr E. Felt Mansion. The Allegan County Historical Society is keen to mention that the asylum never existed. However, a prison was setup here albeit temporarily. 

“The Felt Mansion became the St. Augustine Catholic Seminary preparatory school in 1949. The Mansion served as a chapel and housed priests and students. In 1962, the Augustinians leased the Mansion to Augustinian cloistered nuns. In 1963, the Order of Saint Augustine constructed a Seminary on the Felt Estate. This preparatory school contained a chapel and housing for priests as well as students in grades 9-12.” – Wikipedia

Laketown Township Manager Al Meshkin told the Holland Sentinel that he had heard the tales as a teenager, noting that his friends referred to the beings as “wobbleheads”. 

The legend of this lives on around these parts. Tourists who frequent the area, have asked about this strange story and they likely will in the future.

(Source: Destination Strange)

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