Woman Dies Hunting Down The Pope Lick Monster

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Chasing after ghosts among other legends can sometimes turn fatal. A tragic accident happened in Louisville, Kentucky. While attempting to hunt down the infamous Pope Lick Monster. Roquel Bain, from Dayton, Ohio was only 26 years old during the time, when she attempted to cross train tracks located in Fisherville, Louisville.

Unfortunately, she wouldn’t make it across, as she plummeted around 100 feet below. It happened on Saturday night, according to the Louisville Courier-Journal.

Roquel Bain Pope Lick Monster Kentucky

Both Roquel and her boyfriend didn’t expect a train to pass by so suddenly. With little time to react, only one of them made it after attempting to hang from the sides of the bridge. The couple, were hoping to catch a glimpse of a legendary half-human half-goat creature known as the Pope Lick Monster.

Deputy Coroner Jack Arnold, reported the incident. He explained that Roquel died from multiple blunt force damage to her body, after being struck by a train belonging to Norfolk Southern Railway.

Meanwhile, her boyfriend managed to survive without injury. Around every half hour, a train crosses the tracks here. It makes it quite dangerous. A local resident named Michelle Burns said, ‘If they’re halfway through and the train comes, you either have to jump, run or basically get it.’

The distance across the bridge is quite deceptive, it is much further than people realize and crossing it quickly, isn’t possible on a train track such as this. Young people quite often think they are invincible.

Resident Denise Harris stated, ‘When you’re young, you think you live forever; it’s a euphoria. Or they think they can outrun the train. That’s a long way to run and you can’t run that fast.’  

Before her death, both Roquel Bain and her boyfriend visited Waverly Hills, an abandoned sanatorium located in Louisville. This location, once housed tuberculosis patients back during the 20th century. Many believe that the sanatorium is now haunted. It has since become a tourist type destination. Visitors are lead on paranormal guided tours where they can use equipment to detect anything unusual

Roquel Bain, is missed by her family and and friends. She worked as a surgical assistant according to a badge discovered inside her purse. Both Roquel and her boyfriend were tested for drug use, regarding the entire incident. No results were released initially. This isn’t the only time this location has brought forth curious visitors. During New Year’s, this area has become popular spot for teenagers.

According to legend, the Pope Lick Monster uses a form of hypnosis to lure trespassers onto the tracks before they meet their demise. Other accounts include the monster attacking people with an axe. Speculations about the Pope Lick Monster are quite wild.

One of the more bizarre stories is…a farmer was reincarnated after sacrificing goats in exchange for Satanic type powers. Another story is, he was a circus freak who vowed revenge after being mistreated. Despite a 8-foot fence being constructed to keep people away, thrill-seekers stop at nothing to roam around this location. Hopefully after Roquel’s death, people will stay away from this place, it seems to be a bad omen for things.

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