Twin Sisters Return Again

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The odds of being a twin, are about 14.87 out of every 1,000 births or 1 out of 67 pregnancies. It is a special thing being a twin, they seem to share a symbiotic type bond with one another. There is a story about several sisters who were very close. They got along very well and if they weren’t related, they would be the best of friends.

These two sisters hardly fought or even argued with one another. Their relationship is special and they even shared the same interests. Likewise, they even dress alike. Their entire life was spent living in a quaint yet quiet neighborhood. Their parents decided early on, that they would get away from the hustle and bustle of living inside the city. They wanted their children to grown up in a cleaner and safer environment.

This family lived a fairly typical type lifestyle. One day, would change everything. Their girls mother couldn’t get away from work. She had much to do upon this day. Her twin daughters decided that they could cross a busy street alone. Their mother always reminded them to look both ways before crossing the street.

Twin sisters from beyond the grave

Taking up their mother’s advice, the girls wanted to meet their mother on their way back. Unfortunately, after just a few steps…the girls were struck down by a speeding truck. The father’s heart began to sink into his chest. He heard a terrible noise like that of a coconut breaking open. As he looked over, he noticed both of his daughters lying upon the pavement with their heads crushed and their brains splattered everywhere.

It was any parents nightmare come true and left the parents in sheer horror. The father looked off into the distance to notice this speeding truck coming down the road at full speed. Mostly likely, the driver was distracted from their phone. It would seem that the driver had taken a few drinks earlier. Imagine the horror to their ears, as these two children had their bones break. This reckless driver, decided to speed away from their dismay.

Those who were there at the scene of the accident were ever so shocked. Nobody even thought to write down the license plate of the reckless driver. When the mother arrived at the scene, she was in anguish and tears. She even stopped traffic from her crying in the streets.

In an frantic panic, she reached down to grab the bodies of her lost children. The mother continued to cry inconsolably around the road. The mother then thought to herself how their bodies could rise again. She was shocked at the loss of her children like any mother would be. They both were still young and only around eight years old.

There is an old saying that time heals all things. This might be an exception for such a great loss on someone’s life. This 28 year old mother lost her family in one foul swoop. After several years, the mother became pregnant again. Against all odds, she was carrying twins again. She could never forget about her lost little girls and never will. It seems that for whatever reason, the spirits of her lost children, had entered her new twin girls.

Time continued to pass by, both of these little girls, now were the same age as the daughter’s who had died before. Quite incredibly, these girls had a lot in common with their fallen sisters. The mother mistakenly would call them the wrong names as she remembered her lost daughters.

Being even more protective than ever before, the mother absolutely forbid her children to ever cross the street alone again. She would never live down another nightmare such as this again. While outside one day, she noticed both of her girls playing in a park near where they live. The mother had her concerns about this and yelled out to them. Moments later, the girls replied in unison:

“We won’t cross Mommy, we were hit one time there and it won’t happen again…”

(Source: Horror Movie Blog)

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