Category: Vampires

Lea of House Van Doorn and Count Tim of House Van Doorn

Couple Sucks Each Others Blood As Vampires

They live in Austin, Texas and met one another from a vampire gathering. Almost immediately, it seems…it was love at first bite for the bloodlusting pair. Known as Countess Lea of House Van Doorn...

Malawi Africa vampire outbreak

Shapeshifting vampires attack in Malawi, Africa

Located in the landlocked country of Malawi, a rather unusual occurrence has been happening. There are 18.09 million people who live here and like many other locations in Africa, people are quite superstitious when...

Galaxy energy vampire

Humans are nothing but energy vampires

Sometimes when we meet someone, something just feels off. This person seemingly rubs you the wrong way, they give off a bad vibe. It happens when we meet certain people. Beyond different personality traits,...

Mysterious vampire in Styria

A vampires tale in Styria

In the country of Austria, a tragic event took place when a woman’s boyfriend met up with one of the fabled vampires who haunted this location. Her name is Esume, and her boyfriend was...