A vampires tale in Styria

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Styria tower

In the country of Austria, a tragic event took place when a woman’s boyfriend met up with one of the fabled vampires who haunted this location. Her name is Esume, and her boyfriend was killed by this bloodsucker. The area is Styria, which is known for its mountainous and woodland type areas. Many drink wine, bask in spas and explore the castles along with the countryside here.

Nosferatu (another name for Vampire) are generally known to be described as both dark and sinister characters by their appearance. They are also known for their charms, as both male and female vampires—are known to lure their victims towards them. With their seductive ways, many have mysteriously fallen and been taken into the shadows forever.

What Esume failed to realize early on, is she was nothing more than a pawn used by this mysterious man (who captivated her by first glance) from the train she was riding on. It was not long after this moment, she would meet this man—who was dressed sharply, yet presented himself by old fashioned dialect and gestures. After talking a while, she decided to exit the train, along with her then boyfriend.

schlossberg train

What they failed to realize, is just how much time was left for them. Both Esume and her boyfriend got into a fight after stopping along the train station route. As they wandered around the corner, the two of them first encountered this dark dressed man at the train station. He continued the conversation by trying to comfort them, helping to get along once again with his wise words.

After speaking them initially, he took them for a brief tour of the area. At first he seemed pleasant, until they reached a secluded area. It was here, the most dreadful thing had happened. In an instance, the mysterious man grabbed her boyfriend twisting his neck to one side and then began feeding upon him. She watched in horror, as the life drained away from his body.

Immediately, she froze with fear as the vampire monster then approached her. As he tried to embrace her, she struggled glancing into his soulless eyes. He insisted that she feed from him after striking a cut upon his arm. She had become infected and cursed forever as a vampire herself.

Mysterious vampire in Styria

Vampires must feed upon the living, to sustain themselves. Drinking their blood, gives them their vitality. Tales mention that a vampire can live off animal blood, but it must be consumed in greater quantities. Legend also mentions that vampires must only feed upon the living, as the blood of the dead, will become fatal to them. Dead human blood, is poisonous to the vampire and will destroy them eventually.

Vampires are not immortal, if stabbed by a wooden stake through their chest. Some believe bullets will stop them while others do not. Fire, electricity or long falls will also do them harm. They are tougher than a normal human—however they are far from indestructible.

Now, Esume wanders the countryside, in hopes for a normal sense of life, after losing her one true love. She has become that of the night, aimlessly lingering in the shadows herself, until her darkest of days. Esume is now damned forever, yet still seeks revenge for her fallen love.

Keanu Reeves believed to be a vampire and/or time traveling magician
Vampiric ways

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