Russian boys record Bigfoot with baby near Ural Mountains

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Back in 2014, three young Russian boys followed what appears to be large footprints in the snow. This location is not far from Kemerovo, near a lake in a remote area. Allegedly, these boys, happen upon a Bigfoot creature.

According to Dr. Igor Burtsev, who is a leading Bigfoot and Abominable Snowman expert, said that the video footage since its release, is genuine. Kemerovo is known to be an industrial city and the administrative center of Kemerovo Oblast, Russia. There are around 533,000 people who are living here.

What is seen in the video, are large footprints made in the snow by a large hairy humanoid type creature. This Bigfoot, seemed to be carrying it’s offspring under its right arm. It is unclear, whether or not this Bigfoot is male or female, due to the distance away from the camera it appears to be. Then 12-year-old Yevgeny Anisimov used his phone, to captured this encounter near the frozen Ur River, located in the southern part of Siberia.

Yevgeny Anisimov

While this entire encounter has been documented as being a Yeti, the large hairy humanoid, appears more like a traditional Bigfoot. The Bigfoot resembles the famous 1967 Patterson–Gimlin film, recorded in Northern California, showing a Bigfoot walking near a shore.

Bigfoot with baby near Kemerovo Russia

Some believe that this Bigfoot is actually female, due to the physical size comparison to other recorded sightings. Just like in many species in nature, usually the male is larger than the female but not always. In the video, it is quite difficult to see whether or not the Bigfoot is holding something under its arm just past the trees. Unfortunately, the video quality isn’t very good.

These boys stumbling upon this Bigfoot, has been shown on the Discovery channel, National Geographic and others. Non-believers, will always doubt something such as this. The video, is worth taking a second glance at however.

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