Danica Lynn shares her paranormal experiences

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Recently, a reader shared their story about their strange experiences. Being candid about it, Danica Lynn decided to take a breath, before giving details about of her paranormal experiences while living in a haunted house.

Each year, a number of people experience various encounters with supernatural happenings. It seems lately, there are far more people coming forward with their own experiences. Perhaps more is happening, that the public simple doesn’t know about yet. Stranger things keep happening, each and every day.

Danica Lynn

While explaining about what happened to her, Danica went on to say, that she gets a feeling that something unseen may well be in the room with her. Perhaps she a medium, who has only begun to tap into her abilities. Often people simply dismiss such nonsense, but there are some people out there genuinely possess psychic type abilities, these people are even sometimes called upon when trying to solve a murder case or other criminal type activity.

Danica’s own sister even doubts her, as she is skeptical about her sister. Danica mentioned, that she tries to be rational about what she has seen and felt – yet the rules don’t apply to things such as this. All of this started for Danica, after she just moved into a new house. Previously, she was renting one. She lives in a small town and options are limited for her.

Shadow person reaching

One of the first things that Danica started to see, were shadows moving during the night. She feels that this may have been some sort of sleep paralysis possibly. She was unsure of what they may have been. She would be sleeping, then suddenly wake up and the moving shadows that were once seen, now were gone. It is assumed, that these shadows were humanoid shaped.

Danica, her boyfriend and girlfriend all noticed, the time on the clocks in the house. They were all in sync, displaying the exact same time. This includes her wall clock, microwave, phone and another clock, located in the other room. The batteries were new on the wall clock and she mentioned that this clock on the wall, is a ticking type of clock.

Time seemed to warp, as now the clock hanging on the wall in her house – was now displaying 8:00 AM, while her phone and other clocks only showed that it was 7:00 AM. Something strange it seems was going on that day. Since then, the clock has continued to function quite normally. It is unknown where this clock came from or how old it was. Either something paranormal happened or someone was messing with them as a prank.

Danica goes on to describe a morning that was foggy and she was coming home from work. She explains, that her car windows were foggy and noticed the windows of her house, had condensation built up on them as well.

When she went to open the front door, she noticed the corner parts of what appeared to be hand prints on one of her front windows. This wasn’t all, as what appeared to be a parts of a face – including the nose and lips could be seen.

Danica hand gesture

She was freaked out from what she had seen, wondering if someone had broken into her house possibility robbing her. The print impressions on the glass, looked fairly fresh. She went into the house quickly and then locked the place up. Afterwards, she went back into the arms of her boyfriend. As with most people, this would leave one feeling unsettled from their experience.

Danica didn’t say whether or not she contacted the police, but it is assumed she did not. Danica went on to say, when she wakes up…she goes on to see shadows in the room. These occurrences continue to keep happening to her. Things such as this seem to be paranormal in nature. Maybe these are some kind of shadow people stalking her. However, it is uncertain. Perhaps a paranormal investigation crew can contact Danica.

Danica goes on to further describe her experiences, on her YouTube channel which is found here.

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