Shapeshifting vampires attack in Malawi, Africa

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Located in the landlocked country of Malawi, a rather unusual occurrence has been happening. There are 18.09 million people who live here and like many other locations in Africa, people are quite superstitious when it comes to certain subjects. It is believed in actuality, that a group of people here, are involved in witchcraft practices.

They partake by drinking human blood and there are some people who have been fed upon during the late night hours. This has left parts of the country terrified, over these incidents happening. Even Malawi President Peter Mutharikathe has talked about this epidemic and The United Nations has stepped in to assist. Malawi has issued a curfew to citizens, after rumors of vampiric attacks happening at night.

Malawi Africa vampire riot

These blood sucking fiends, are clever enough to stay in the shadows. They only seem to attack people in isolated areas, where there aren’t many other people around. Police have been receiving so many different calls over this, that they have released a statement…stating blood suckers have been here since the beginning of time.

Police chief Malawi

Some people living here, feel that the police aren’t taking them seriously over this matter. This has led to riots and protests happening around different locations even at the police chief’s home. Clearly people are upset over all of this.

Superstitions are strong here and most if not nearly all of the people here do believe in vampires. These vampires simply break into someone’s home in the middle of the night and drink their blood. This is comparable to many stories of vampirism, that has taken place throughout history around the world.

Malawi Africa vampire victim

Blood is believed to the the life force and strength to empower those who feed upon others. So far, no deaths have been reported about publically. However, one young woman may have set off this frenzy of fear, saying she was bitten during the night and was bleeding thereafter. She went on to say, that a blood sucker broke into her home while she was sleeping and sucked her blood. When she arrived at the hospital, people there went crazy and began to panic over this.

Police released a statement saying; that this story was created to breed fear among the communities here. Police later assured the residents that they will protect them and are further investigating each case on a individual bases. At some point, police hope to get to the root of the problem and solve this mystery of sorts.

President Peter Mutharikathe later came out with a statement that contradicted the police chiefs statement. Mutharikathe said, the president told these vampires that they needed to stop attacking people. Mutharikathe also said to village chiefs that they needed to crack down on witchcraft practices.

Malawi Africa vampire outbreak

There seems to be a lot of mass hysteria here. There are however many areas within the region where witchcraft practices continue to happen. Perhaps over time, some of these practices have led to shape-shifting abilities. This would explain why no one has been caught yet. To date, there have been six different people who have died by vampire hunters. The entire situation here seems out of control. Perhaps more news of this will be released later.

(Source: Paranormal Junkie)

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