Game Camera Captures Crackhead Or Apparition At Night

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Recently, someone shared their photo and posted it online. They explained that the camera used was a remote trail “game camera”. The quality isn’t amazing, but previously the camera has captured some real nice HD wildlife shots before. Being able to see nature like this, is a real special thing. 

Typically, these cameras are used to record animals during all hours of the day and night. This time, something rather unusual was recorded instead. The image appears to show someone believed to be on drugs. However, others are now thinking this is more paranormal by nature.

Most of the time, these kind of cameras are used by hunters, trackers and others to snap areas where they cannot record easily. Speculations are, this person might be homeless and another person (or spirit) seems to be slightly off from them in the nearby background. 

Crackhead Or Creepy Spirit On Camera

This photograph comes across as being quite creepy. If this was some kind of spirit captured, then it was a spectacular shot of luck. This camera was positioned in the backyard of their property. They didn’t disclose their location but they are believed to be from somewhere in the USA. The area here is secluded and surrounded by a lot of woodlands. They explained their property is about ¾ of an acre in size.

Most of the time, this camera will activate when movement is detected. This is what makes this scary either way, if these were homeless people they were out ravaging in the wild likely looking for food. If this was a ghost of sorts, then it came across as a full bodied apparition. The head is distorted and blurred ever so slightly. The figure appears to be female by its first appearance. 

This anonymous person, explained that their neighbors don’t even know they have these cameras setup. Logically, the photograph might have captured them on camera during this hour of the night. The photo was captured on July of 2017 at 2:30 in the morning.

They have looked at this photograph for many hours and haven’t reached a final conclusion yet. Was this a person or something else entirely? The blurriness of the figure seen, also seems to display bits of transparency. 

In the background is this families greenhouse. Were these merely people foraging for food? Most if not all of their property seems to be in the woods. Their opinion is…this was a glitch of sorts it seems. It would have been highly unlikely according to them that people would have wandered around here due to the fact most of this place is woods.

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