Chinese Zoo Lets Animals Roam Free, While Visitors Are Caged

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In a clever yet unnerving way, visitors of Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, allow tourists to hand-feed the world’s most ferocious predators including tigers, lions and bears.

By using this kind of theme for a zoo, patrons allow themselves a unique kind of experience. Certainly safety is an issue by reversing the situation. However, by using this design setup it allows visitors a chance to feed animals by hand “carefully”.

Whenever people deal with animals, there is always a chance something might happen. Some people are now preferring this way, to view dangerous and more exotic type animals up close. Perhaps even other ways will be implemented eventually giving visitors a rather unique experience.

Those who decide to book a tour at this zoo, will be locked up inside of a cage and driven around on back of a truck. Those who can stomach this, will continue riding around inside this metal caged vehicle with raw meat to feed to these ferocious felines and more.

The reasoning for doing all of this was simple. To give visitors a unique experience like they are being stalked and watched by animals in the wild. There are elements of safety but like anything a malfunction could prove disastrous.

Predatory instincts will undoubtedly take over in the blink of an eye. Visitors are advised to keep their hands and fingers inside of the cage at all times. Hungry animals don’t know the difference between them and lunch. Will children ever be allowed to visit a zoo like this? Likely not for obvious reasons.

Some believe that it is inhumane how animals are caged in other zoo locations. Humans are destroying their natural habitats for their own amusement. Animals should have the same rights for life and freedom as human beings do.

Ever since this zoo opened, it has attracted a lot of attention. Visitors must abide by the rules and eventually someone will screw up things for everyone. It likely is an accident waiting to happen even with all of the precautions taken. The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, first opened its doors back in 2015.

It seems that overall, people prefer a zoo experience like this…instead of seeing animals caged up unable to roam around freely. The Lehe Ledu Wildlife Zoo, is considered the most dangerous zoo in the world to visit for obvious reasons.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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