Mysterious Hairy Blob Photographed On New York City Street

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Whatever this thing was, it looked really weird. The photograph was taken sometime back in 2013, after a rainfall in New York City. Speculations are, this is nothing more than wet hay left out in the rain. Someone commented saying this is part of cleaning device, used to sweep the streets. Since this photograph was posted online, it has since remained a mystery.

Hairy blob creature on New York City street

The location of where this was spotted was along Court Street. The photograph was taken by Keith Thompson, who commented about this fuzzy looking mess. Keith said that whatever it was, it smelled like a sea-animal. Residents of New York’s Carroll Gardens, were perplexed at whatever this thing was as well.

It is assumed that nobody took a sample of this thing to a lab for testing. At least a photograph was taken of it. Allegedly, this hairy looking blob, appeared after a torrential rain storm. City services undoubtedly took whatever this thing was away. Perhaps thinking it was nothing more than trash left out in the rain. Questions remain, as people wondered if it was even still alive at this point. Did it crawl out of nearby river?

Other thoughts about it are this being part of a shag carpet someone threw out. There was one witness named Kyle Grunph, who thought this hairball was still alive. Kyle explained that he was making his way to the grocery store, when he noticed a hairy blob laying there. It smelled to high heaven he said. When he approached it, this thing began to move ever so slightly. He also commented about it saying, it had a fish-like smell about it.

Perhaps whatever this thing was, it was from the ocean. Questions remain how it made it so far into the city. There have been other blob type creatures such as this, that have appeared in places like China among other locations. Humans have only discovered only a small percentage of sea life to date. Maybe this was some kind of new species found.

This hairy looking blob, may just be an old rug somewhat threw out. But this is only speculation. It could be something else entirely. A comment was made by someone upset over this not being saved. This is what they said:

“Seriously!? I would love to just kick ppl right in the ass! Why is it that ppl come across these strangely wonderful opportunities and no one EVER tries to get more than a picture!! Really!? They never turn it over or move it or take a sample from it!? Take more than one picture? What the hell is wrong with people!? I would have loaded that thing in my car and brought it home to examine it!! WTF!!??”

For now, we can only ponder what it might have been. If anyone out there knows more about this please contact us.

(Source: Week In Weird)

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