Dead wife kept inside glass coffee table

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Loving someone to death is an expression. Leaving them under you coffee table is another thing all together. This is what a man named Jeff from Arizona did with his beloved wife. Now each day, he can view her through a transparent glass case which is being used as a coffee table. It may seem odd, as he admits his wife Lucy would find this situation entirely amusing. He claims she had a terrific sense of humor.

Instead of having her rest under the ground traditionally, he elected to keep her on display. A corpse will last only so long before decomposing (even after being preserved after the embalming process). At a funeral home (if the corpse isn’t decomposing badly) it will be displayed anywhere from 3-7 days typically where loved ones can see their lost ones.

Anything beyond a week the deterioration of the corpse will begin to rot away more dramatically. Other problems then include odor as one can imagine. A typical adult corpse (if buried underground) will decay completely into a skeleton between 8-12 years.

If the corpse is placed into a coffin the body can take significantly longer depending on the type of wood used. As an example, a solid oak coffin will slow the process greatly. Cadavers used for medical research and learning are kept roughly between 6 months upwards to several years.

Jeff was so distraught about his wife’s death he reached the decision to go through with this remembrance of sorts. Jeff said: “I could no longer take the pain that my wife’s death caused me and I brought her back home”.

His wife Lucy was born with a heart condition which prematurely ended her life at age 29. Jeff’s last words to his wife were “We will meet again in heaven”. Preserving someone in a glass case dates back to the early 1900’s. How legal this is…is another story altogether as each state has certain laws in place for the deceased. The story originated back in February of 1991 in an issue of The Weekly World News.

Later it was learned that Jeff wanted to get rid of the glass coffin along with his wife’s corpse. Unbelievably, he had a garage sale with his wife’s corpse inside. The asking price was $216 dollars. I guess he wanted to get rid of her before she rotted any further keeping his memory of her in his mind (from how she was from before). Jeff certainly loved her to death.

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