Naked Prisoner Squeezes Himself Through Small Prison Cell Opening

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Recorded from CCTV cameras, a prisoner was able to squeeze himself through a small prison cell opening. The entire astounding escape was captured on camera. It is unknown whether or not he did managed to escape from the prison. Some looked at this, as if he was being born again by escaping. It perhaps is one of the strangest things ever captured on camera.

This guy deserved a medal for this escape from his cell

Normally, someone would use a lock pick or another tool to try an open a door. Prison doors are far more secured making it nearly impossible to open otherwise. This man had a plan and stuck with it sort of speak. Somehow after shear determination, this man was able to squeeze himself through such a small opening. Moments later, the man is seen sliding through and places his hands onto the floor.

The the video footage is from someone recording a playback with their phone. Towards the ending, the camera pans over to edit out any nudity seen.

This video was later posted to Imgur with the caption reading: “This guy deserved a medal for this escape from his cell…”

Someone said, “I’m more interested in how he got his shoulders through.” Jokingly, another person said, “Let him go i don’t care what his crime was.”

Other comments included: “There should be a rule, if you can escape your free. Prisons not doing their jobs.” “Did the guy not think they had secondary security doors or cameras?” “Is that his skin on the floor?”

Some users joked about how painful the escape would have been.

One wrote: “Is that his skin on the floor?”

Another joked: “And he was reborn.”

Are you shocked by this escape?

The bottom of the video appears to have Russian text, this leads one to believe this happened there but this is not confirmed either. There are fewer prison escapes per year, then there were before.

Older data released by the Bureau of Justice states in 1998 noted that 6,530 people have escaped or were listed as AWOL from US state prisons. This is a bit more than one-half of 1 percent of the total population of 1,100,224 state prisoners. Back in 1993, 14,305 prisoners escaped out of a prison population of 780,357. That’s almost 2 percent.

This is one of the most extreme escapes ever documented. It is impressive, strange and scary all at the same time.

(Source: Express UK and Slate)

This guy deserved a medal for this escape from his cell…

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