Humanoid Alien Hitchhiker Recorded Alongside Texas Highway

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Is this some kind of alien human hybrid? Or, perhaps this is merely someone dressed up in some kind of costume? Some speculate this is nothing more than a mannequin set outside as a hoax, yet is appears to be moving ever so slightly.

This video, shows a what appears to be a typical looking grey alien, wandering alongside a Texas Highway on August 1st. The humanoid alien, appears to be shorter in stature compared to the average height of an adult man at around 6 feet tall. The dashcam footage, seems to be taken from a large semi-trailer truck passing by.

alien alongside of road Texas

This humanoid, appears to have green-grayish skin that covers its body. It’s eyes are larger by appearance and it has limbs comparable to that of a human. Exact details are difficult to see, as the quality of the image is not clear enough. This makes seeing how many fingers (if at all) this humanoid creature has moot. Some are saying they can see pointed ears protruding from this things head.

This entire video, was sent by a truck driver to the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) initially. They explained: “Witnessed “person” walking, dressed strangely. When I passed and looked at my mirror, it was gone.”

Alien humanoid hitchhiking in Texas

This took place alongside a highway in Corsicana, Texas. The man said he noticed this strange figure standing alongside of the highway. Most certainly, he was caught off guard…as nobody could expect something like this to suddenly appear out of nowhere.

The video, statements and perhaps even a team, will be sent to investigate the location where this took place. Further analysis will be conducted and reported about later. It no doubt is one of the most interesting videos to come along in a while. Whether or not this is a hoax, is still unknown.

Many people believe aliens are already living among us. Maybe this one manifested at this time, perhaps by technology beyond what we publicly know about. Alien reptilians are believed to actually exist on Earth. Some think they are living deep underground in certain locations around the world. They may have been here before us and are far more ancient they we are. One theory is we ourselves are aliens to this planet.

With MUFON, there are well over 3,000 members worldwide. Here in the United States, there are chapters located in each state. Those that are members of this organization undergo rigorous training that focuses upon pseudoscience. Many are critical about what this organization does stating that they don’t use scientific methods like they should be doing. Everyone should keep their eyes open more often, away from their phones. We never know what might be nearby us.

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