Alien message to mankind

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This incredible message comes from an extraterrestrial who gives information to humanity. What this alien says about us, is quite stunning. The origination of this, was translated from French to English by a man named Dan Drasin. He is both a researcher and filmmaker. What was said by this alien being encounter, may well change our perception of things to come and what we are experiencing now.

The alien highlights humanities free will and personal experiences of happiness of each persons existence. What was said about free will, is dependent upon the knowledge obtained by ones own power in their lifetime. It is about how much we have learned, while we have existed here on Earth. Ones happiness stems from how much love—someone gives and receives back from others.

This alien went on to mention that intelligent species on Earth, may often feel isolated. They are constantly progressing and growing in different ways. This reflects their view about each life and the destiny of their own existence. There is no guidebook to life and what it is we are supposed to do while we are here in this existence. People are not perfect and neither the scientists or religious leaders, speak with any real knowledge about unexplained aerial and celestial events—that mankind has witnessed for thousands of years.

To discover the truth of things, one must confront it. This includes thoughts without any type of bias or self beliefs. The alien also said that a growing number of anonymous researchers on Earth, have begun to explore new paths of knowledge—as humanity approaches these discoveries as a newfound reality. Humans have been flooded with an ocean of information at their fingertips, including new technologies presented to them.

This alien creature went on to say, what we deemed in our history as ridiculous or improbable has now become the possible. The last fifty years have been crucial to humans. The fate of humanity will be even more surprising—as people will discover both the best and worst in the future. Our travel between planet Earth and between other planets will continue to evolve.

Other world alien

The alien stated there are far more species of living things in this galaxy, labeled as extraterrestrials. The differences between us is in reality very subtle in many ways. What the alien stated was that there is no fundamental difference between you and us, aside from experiencing certain stages of evolution. With many organized societies, a hierarchy exists in the internal relationships with one another. The alien mentioned how their society is based upon the wisdom of several races.

Upon approval, the alien said we have turned to you. Humans are searching to live beyond their natural aged existence to find a superior being through genetics. Comparably, the alien said this also happens with their species. The alien stated it is not considered a god, but that of a cosmic brother of sorts. There are distinct physical differences between humans and other species of living lifeforms.

The alien mentioned there are number of humanoid-shaped lifeforms that do exist, comparable to humans in some ways. The alien continued to say their existence is reality and they have a consciousnesses just like humans do. The vast majority of the human population, hasn’t seen or interacted with others from different worlds—because they wish to not perceive it yet.

This is because most humans remain invisible to our senses and instruments most of the time. This alien also said that their species wishes to fill this void at this moment in our history. The decision has been decided by them yet it is not enough. Humans need to accept us and be willing to interact with us in a non-violent way. It is ultimately up to humanity to decide its own fate of things. Humans are the decision-makers and have not yet nominated a human representative for all of Earth.

Destruction of humanity

There are many questions which remain to be answered by us and other alien kind. Humanities elsewhere have studied scientific principles in regards to matter. Both DE-materialization and materialization are among them. On Earth, there are several laboratories which have achieved the very process of this, with the secretive assistance of other extraterrestrial races. Some of these discoveries are rather dangerous and for that reason, they have remained hidden from the masses.

Further explanations have been presented to Earth’s scientific community. What you know as UFOs (Unidentified Flying Objects) are essentially multidimensional manufactured spaceships that possess expanded travel capabilities. There are a number of human beings who have been in contact with different alien species both by visual and auditory contact.

This also includes tactile or psychic contact with such spacecraft. Some of these are rather dangerous influences as they have hidden agendas on your governments and your people. There have been a limited number of real observations documented due to the DE-materialized ability of these spacecraft. Humans have been unable to perceive this, as you cannot simply acknowledge their existence.

Alien holding galaxy

The alien said they are fully aware of this. When observations do actually occur, it happens on an individual basis. This has been happening to selected individuals, so that we don’t intrude upon any organized social systems. This is deliberately done as to not intrude and for a variety of other reasons in which you will not yet understand. Discretion was chosen to respect humanity and their will to choose. Humans have managed their own affairs throughout time.

It is a natural process that happens, so that that humans can ascend to a higher technical and spiritual maturity on their own terms. The alien went on to mention that humankind’s entrance into the family of galactic civilizations is greatly expected one day. With the ability to cloak ourselves, we have yet to make ourselves appear to you in broad daylight yet.

We will at some point in time and share a connection with one another. Right now, we have chosen not to do this as not many humans have expressed the desire for alien contact. This is due to different things such as ignorance, indifference or out of fear. Perhaps the urgency of this situation didn’t justify it yet. Humans often wonder where they come from, the alien said that you are the offspring of many traditions throughout time.

Your goal ultimately is to unite yet meanwhile being blessed by diversified roots. The goal is to accomplish a common purpose and unite as one. The appearances of your cultures help keep you separated from afar. You have a greater importance than you can possibly imagine in this time. Keep peace does not mean simply not waging war. You are in a guild of sorts, without even being conscious of it.

Not until recently, mankind has lived by control of your own fate. The decision making which has been made has certainly affected your planet and your own health. With the advancement of technology, you have altered yourselves. If something doesn’t change soon, the path humans are on will ultimately destroy them.

Irreversible lethal consequences for Earth and its ecosystem will change things forever and for the children of the future. Living conditions will only worsen unless something is done. People and their hatred grows, but so does their love. This is what keeps you confident in your ability to find solutions to problems.

alien and UFO in sky

Only a few people are even aware that non-human creatures are involved with controlling the power of Earth. There are alien species which do not necessarily stand on your material plane and will make them rather frightening in the near future of your world. Know that you are not alone in your fight against them. Not all alien abductions are being done to destroy you. There are species which are here to help you as well. This makes it difficult for you to choose which side to fight against or for.

As often in your history, both good and evil have fought for Earth. Lastly, the alien went on to mention its species can offer humanity a more holistic vision of the universe and of life. This includes constructive interactions, the experience of fair and fraternal relationships and the liberating of technical knowledge.

Other benefits includes the eradication of suffering, controlled exercises of individual powers, access to new forms of energy and a better comprehension of ones consciousness. Often humanity has feared the unknown, but keeping an open mind will allow you to progress further—into a brave new world of existence.

(Source: Disclose TV)

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