Ghost in the office

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It is unclear where this footage originates from, however it displays some activity during the early morning hour of 3:00 am on 1/11/2012. This appears to be done by of some sort of spirit caught between worlds. A ghost is an apparition of a dead person which appears to the living in some way, typically as a nebulous image. Some people think they are trapped within a moment of time, a snapshot left behind which hasn’t moved forward yet.

Watching this video with numerous camera cuts raises questions to whether or not it is indeed real. Certainly special effects and camera tricks have dismissed many videos. This is one of the most convincing to date ghostly encounters captured. The office must be of some importance to have so many CCTV (closed-circuit television) cameras monitoring this location.

monitor in office

If you want to cut to the chase, forward the video to 1:49 look at the left monitor in the middle right of the room, it flashes with a light reflection. From there at 2:01 on the playback a chair begins to move. At 2:40 more monitors begin to flash with a light. Later you will notice doors closing and cabinets as well. This could be done with wire or magnets but they are certainly tucked away neatly from camera view.

The words displayed on the walls read things such as: “I want a pension”, “I want a will”, “I want to be prepared”. Also there appears to be a shadow human-like figure at the far back wall from camera view at 1:39.  Is this a hoax, or are we watching a paranormal moment caught on camera?

Child ghost in window
Ghostly girl crying in the darkness

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