Do Spirits Leave Handprints Behind?

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This topic has often been debated about within the paranormal community. It has to do with spirits leaving behind handprints. People think that spirits and demonic dark forces, can leave behind prints on glass, mirrors and other type surfaces. Not all spirits are bad per say, there are some that are good. Perhaps even, they are trying to warn us when impending danger is near.

Some actually believe, that ghostly handprints are quite possible. This is one of the somewhat physical signs people can see, when a spirit is trying to make contact with the living. While not a common occurrence, poltergeists have been known to either move or break objects around us.

Do Spirits Leave Handprints Behind

There are many alleged photographs that have been taken, demonstrating a spiritual entity trying to make contact with someone. Unusual sized prints, have been seen on the inside and outside of peoples automobiles, windows and mirrors around their property. Even in public places, people have captured something that doesn’t seem “natural”.

Commonly, temperatures seem to change. Most often, people have reported wherever they are becoming colder suddenly or gradually. These type of environmental changes occur, for a specific reason. Perhaps something changed in our life, that deeply affected us in some way. A relationship with someone new or meeting up with an old friend are examples of this.

These imprints seen, seem to signify something will change within one’s life. It seems that these ghostly entities, manifest themselves and can manipulate semi-solid matter. An example of this, would be someone finding unusual prints – after they have taken a shower on their mirror. This would certainly seem out of the ordinary (especially if someone lives by themself) only to find different sized handprints on their mirror. Most people would be certainly freaked out by this.

After finding such handprints, people have reported feeling ill. Typical type symptoms include headaches, nauseousness and weakness. One would think, that something good would not instigate these physical afflictions upon someone. However, perhaps this is some kind of side effect happening.

Many things related to ghosts are a mystery to mankind. We can assume many different things about them. Some speculations seem to make sense to us, as we rationally try to figure out more. Those studying paranormal topics such as these, seem to be mixed on whether or not a ghost or other type entities can leave behind handprints. What do you think?

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