Unexplained “Ghost Hand” Touches Little Girl’s Arm Under Shelf

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What appears to be some kind of webbed looking hand, touches a little girls arm while she is playing under a shelf of some kind. It is unknown exactly what it is, but it is believed to be some kind of ghost of sorts. 

The video has been circulating in Mexico for a while now. The little girl’s name is Maria Jose and she was unaware of what happened. A man’s voice can be heard, likely it is her father talking to her. It is believed this shelf was located in the kitchen of their home. 

Supernatural Mystery Little Girl's Arm Touched

His daughter had no idea that something attempted to touch her. Surely this isn’t a staged video is it? Perhaps someone had a costume type hand cover on. Well maybe, but maybe not. When videos like this are released, it is easy enough to dismiss them. This one needs further investigation. 

Children can sometimes do unusual things, but this is typical for a child to explore like this. As her father continues to record her under the shelf, a blue-white looking hand seemed to touch her ever so briefly as she continues to play around.

This hand doesn’t seem to last very long as it vanishes not long after. Perhaps this why people are thinking it is like a ghost as it disappears not long after. Most agree that the hand seen isn’t little Maria’s hand.

It is something else and likely more of the supernatural variety. The father played back the video footage of his daughter, to then see this most unusual looking hand appear. 

Other family members soon began to take notice of the hand also. It can’t be rationally explained, this is something else. Apparently, Mexican people have told stories about ghosts that like to lure children into different parts of their home.

This would include any kind of corner or gap between either the wall or furniture that includes the cabinets also. It is unknown what this is, but it definitely is most unusual. 

(Source: Anomalien)

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