Malaysian monster frog found

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giant froggy caught

A Malaysian man found what appears to be a giant sized frog. This rather freakish frog was found back in 2011 by Orang Asli. The photo was taken by cellphone and is the only known picture of this extraordinary amphibian. He was originally offered 500 Malaysian Ringgit which equals about 141.67 dollars for this special specimen t. This frog is believed to be a frog from the Panti Forest Johor, Peninsular Malaysia. They have vertebral stripes on their bodies. Sometimes they will carry mosquitoes on their back in the wild.

This frog is known to be mostly a forest frog, at night it will wander in puddles, wet grass and clearings on the forest floor. Feeding mostly on insects, crabs and worms it has even been known to eat small sized snakes as well. The coloring of this frog can vary from brownish to reddish. There are some variants of frog which have a broad, orange ventral stripes.

Giant Frog

What makes this frog special is its rather unusual size. After Orang was offered money for the frog from his friend. His friend returned promptly with the money but later learned that the frog was turned into a hearty meal. To his surprise after consuming this frog; Orang was bed-ridden unable to move for several months. Eventually his friend did recover after eating this strange sized frog. Maybe karma caught up with Orang.

The frog was believed to weigh an astonishing 20 kilograms which is the equivalent of 44.09 pounds. There were options for keeping this frog instead of consuming it. It could have been kept for posterity or even donated to science. What was odd is that this man’s first instinct was to simply eat the frog. I guess he was that hungry. In some cultures it is believed when you eat an animal you will gain its powers.

Orang Asli didn’t want any picture taken of the frog for some reason, however his friend secretly snapped a photo of it.

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