Ghostly girl crying in the darkness

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crying girl in the darkness

What lingers in the shadows at night can be a truly frightening experience. Often our minds will play tricks upon us. Not knowing what might be real or not, we believe in what we think we have seen. This particular encounter still sends chills up ones spine.

There are many encounters which have happened to people over time, each person may or may not have seen something peer from the darkness only to give them a terrifying experience. The origination of this video still is unknown. Perhaps it is a fake, but the idea of it is rather haunting.

One viewer mention that this video is rather basic, it would be hard to edit something such as this and then make it stable. Several clips would have been used showing the same exact camera angles. The ghostly girl would then have to be edited out and cut back in for each seen moment. Each frame would have to be edited together making it rather difficult to do.

crying girl in the darkness

Videos such as this do make people think. However, the possibility of this being real is rather small. But not entirely dismissed. There is much unknown in our world and while we shrug things off as nonsense, there are forces of good and evil which have been documented over the centuries.

Several examples include “The Epic of Gilgamesh” an epic western literature believed to be written during circa 2100 BC. The story follows a mythic king named Uruk who summons the ghost of a wild man named Enkidu. They are from the underworld having experienced what life after death is like.

The known earliest record may well be a work by Roman author Pliny the Younger between (61 – c. 113 A.D.) This possibly is the first ever depicted tale of a ghostly encounter.

Here is the video of the crying ghost girl, you be the judge:

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