Japanese ghost haunts abandoned hospital

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The following video is disturbing for a few moments. A Japanese reporter was out on assignment talking about a location believed to be haunted. She of course is a skeptical, as she seems to laugh everything off at first.

Her mood suddenly changes, as she further wanders inside this old abandoned hospital. The exact location isn’t revealed but more than likely some terrible things have happened here. The mood and feeling this video gives, is rather ominous. The location is believed to be somewhere in Japan.

A warning of sorts starts off in English—stating that many viewers have been driven to insanity and suicide while watching this video. There are video subtitles that have been added in. However, whether or not they are accurate at all, is entirely unclear.

With this considered, the text read mentions that teenagers who have taken pictures here—have seen some unexplained things within their photos. Nobody seems to know what these things are, which were seen and recorded by camera.

The reporter makes mention about this being the perfect location for spirit photography. The voice over then reads she had previously spoken with a young man, who actually had taken such a photo in this very building.

The next cut scene, shows an interview with this very man, they then explain there is a place inside this old hospital where you can see such spirits. With his friends posing in these pictures, an apparition can be seen next to one of his friends. He continues to explain, that while they were there that day—one of their friends stomach began bothering them as they then felt sick. The young man then explained, that they were unable to get a hold of the girl seen in the photo next to the spirit.

Four of the friends, decided to text their luck and faith by entering the alleged haunted hospital. They became separated as they explored the building. It was very dark inside as one can imagine. He also recalled seeing something red there and apparently dropped his camera.

Japanese reporter terrified from seeing ghost

He doesn’t want to return to the hospital to get his camera back, as he appears to be truly shaken up over the incident. The building was planned to be demolished. It isn’t known if this actually happened or not. The reporter enters inside the old hospital, taking photos and exploring when she suddenly starts to freak out.

Japanese reporter terrified from seeing ghost near her inside hospital

There appeared to be something in the room with her, other than the cameraman as she looks to be completely terrified. As she turns to look over, some sort of ghostly spirit staring back at her through the door. It is a really interesting photograph and many feel this is something else entirely.

Japanese reporter terrified f

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