I Witnessed My Roommate’s Doppelganger

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While attending their senior year of college, “Susan” was thrilled to be living with an alumnae from her sorority. This person is someone they were close with. To keep their identity hidden, they referred to her as “Abby”. Both Abby and Susan became pretty good friends. A rather peculiar occurrence happened back in February this year.

Originally, both Abby and Susan were not supposed to live in the apartment they ended up being in. They planned to live in a shared townhouse with several other girls from their school. However, there was a fair amount of drama between these other girls. So, things didn’t work out. 

Both Abby and Susan had to change things up and later contacted their landlord hoping to find another place to live. Luckily for them, a place was available. It was a two bedroom place with a basement in a quiet location off-campus. Everything was going well for the first month until things began to happen after a while.

Early one morning, Abby woke up noticing one of the cabinets in the kitchen was open. At first, she thought nothing of it. The following morning, another cabinet was left open. Upon the next morning another cabinet. This continued to freak Abby out. She decided to spend the night at her boyfriend’s place. 

Several weeks later while watching television, Susan heard the bathroom door close suddenly. She then tried to calm Abby down, by saying the fan kept blowing the door shut. Creepily during the night, both of the girls heard someone walking around in the living room. Their minds began to race.

It was likely impossible that someone broke into their apartment, only to then wait around until the night and screw around with them. Susan was home for the entire day until Abby returned from 11:00 in the afternoon onward. 

Susan said all of this took place not long after their Christmas break period. Nothing else happened until the month of February it seemed. Abby went home for the weekend and Susan was left all alone.

She was relaxing on the sofa while doing her homework. On this night it was getting late. So, she decided to watch some TV for a while. It was far too quiet for her and she enjoyed the noise from the television. 

After a while, Susan fell asleep. It was around 2:32 in the morning when she looked over to see Abby walking through the front door. Abby didn’t say a word to her and kept walking through the apartment. Susan was still tired and waking up from her nap. When Susan asked if Abby was okay, she just looked at her and continued taking off her shoes. Abby then went into the kitchen.

I Witnessed My Roommate's Doppelganger

Susan felt like something was wrong. She then noticed this girl looked like Abby and even walked around like her yet it wasn’t Abby. Susan asked again if Abby was okay. It was early in the morning and thought she was confused. Abby turned around looking back at her with a smile and then kept washing something in the sink.

Suddenly, Susan felt a sense of discomfort. She explained it being a sense of dread. She felt like she was in danger and needed to get the hell out of there as soon as possible.

Susan fled to her room and quickly locked the door. This Abby look-a-like soon followed her. Moments later, she heard what sounded like fingers against her door. Her fingernails could be heard scratching a number of times and all of it wouldn’t stop. 

Not knowing what to do next, Susan didn’t say a word. If she said something back to her, then it may have given her more strength. Susan then curled up under her blankets and stared back at the bedroom door in fear.

She wondered from all the noise whether or not the door was going to be kicked in. Susan explained from all of the tapping, it seemed like a metronome enticing her to sleep. As she drifted back to sleep, the taps seemed to slow down to a trickle.

The morning after finally came and Susan was soon exhausted. She explained how she popped a number of Advil PM pills to help sleep. At first, she thought all of this was a bad dream. When Susan went out from her room, she noticed Abby’s bed was undisturbed. Cautiously, she went out to the living room area. Abby’s shoes and purse wasn’t there. Susan then described a tingling sensation creeping down her spine.

Susan sent a text message to Abby asking her if she came home last night. Abby responded “No”. This is when Susan’s heart sank into her chest. Abby said she wouldn’t be coming home for another few days. Susan went into the kitchen and noticed the sink and bowl left from before were both cleaned and put away. Susan firmly believes she was not dreaming or hallucinating.

Susan’s mind wandered and tried to make sense of everything. Abby would never play a prank like this. Did some kind of shapeshifter take the form of Abby?

All of this seemed very science fiction but there are some weird things that happen. Does Abby secretly have a twin sister or was some kind of dark manifestation there with her upon that night? It made no sense and Susan wondered if this was Abby’s doppelganger. 

Susan posted the following updates:

“Wow, thanks so much for all the comments and up-votes everyone! You really made my day. I thought I would respond to the most common questions I am seeing and try to clear them up for y’all.

Are you still living at the apartment? No, we’re not still living in the apartment. Abby and I both graduated and moved out of the apartment when our lease was up.

Did you ever stay in the apartment alone at night again? No, not really and very rarely. I usually went home or stayed at our sorority sisters’ townhouse and Abby stayed with her boyfriend when I wasn’t there. When I did stay there alone I slept in my room with the door locked and didn’t come out until it was morning.

Did you tell Abby the details of what happened? Is she okay? Eventually, yes, I told Abby what happened and she was understanding freaked out. She said that around that time she was waking up from a nightmare where I had died from an accident. It was really disturbing for her and for me as well.

Did the apartment complex have any odd history? That’s the weird part—Abby and I both researched our neighborhood as a whole and there was nothing to indicate a haunting or paranormal activity. Now, our sorority house had been a boarding house where a girl had either committed suicide or been murdered, but we aren’t sure.

The apartment complex definitely had a very strange vibe to it—very oppressive and heavy at times. It caused Abby’s anxiety and my depression to go into overdrive at some points, which made our last year of college even more stressful.

Since that incident, we had things moved around the apartment and a rod holding up the blinds fell down without explanation. The whole apartment building had a very intense, oppressive energy and our upstairs neighbor said she saw a woman standing at the foot of her bed shortly before Abby and I moved out.

After that there were a few minor events that took place in the apartment (such as the blinds falling down) but nothing that terrified me again. I’ve had several paranormal encounters in my life but nothing that scares me as much as this one.”

(Source: Reddit)

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