Banshee ghost photographed in India has gone viral

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Banshee ghost captured on camera in India

Several days ago in India, people were freaking out over a strange sighting. It seems that a banshee was photographed outside, glancing down to a crowd of curious spectators. This event took place in the Indian city of Hyderabad. The population of the city and its surroundings reaches around 7.8 million people.

While many were frightened, some were fascinated as they glanced at the scary woman dressed in white. This woman was deemed to be that of a banshee. (a female spirit known to wail loudly warning that death is near) It is unknown whether or not she made any noise—while the crowd of people gawked at her.

The singer Faakhir Mehmood (from Pakistan) captured the banshee on film. They then shared it on Facebook and it instantly became quite a discussion. Some think that this isn’t a banshee but that of a chudail. (a female demon which is known throughout different parts of Asia) As the photograph was shared originally across more social media platforms, it quickly became a sensation around the country.

Banshee ghost photographed in India has gone viral

From the photo, there seemed to be a number of eye witnesses who were there. The images seen have since been met with criticism. Some believe this was some sort of publicity stunt of sorts, for what is unknown also. Perhaps this is something more entirely. Those who believe in paranormal entities such as this, think this is the real deal.

Banshee on wall India

It is interesting that this entity whatever it may be, allowed itself to be photographed like this. Someone else there surely captured video or more photos—yet they haven’t come forward yet. This only adds to the skepticism about this ghostly woman sitting on the ledge. Both Indian and Pakistani citizens are in agreement that this image is rather suspicious either way. Faakhir captioned the viral picture of chudail as: “Can someone verify?”

This event occurred in the middle of the night in Hyderabad, the exact time isn’t known. Those who have seen this ghostly woman, will now have their dreams turn to nightmares as they try to sleep. One can wonder, if some sort of ceremony was taking place, before these people showed up.

Banshee ghost captured on photo

She clearly stands out sitting high a top of this stone ledge wall. Many of the comments on social media are amusing tearing this sighting to shreds. However, nobody for sure can say this was merely some lady in makeup out to get attention. The event brought forth tears, fear and laughter for many.

(Source: India)

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