Secret Spectre Keeps Secrets To Herself

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In the afterlife, sometimes a spirit is gravely disturbed. It seems there are many different types of situations where they will return to haunt a particular area. After a grave desecration, a spectre will return to this world.

Acting out different emotions, these versions of ghosts will appear visually to people and unlike other spirits – the person is still there influencing them. Sometimes they will act out their grudges to such an extreme. The spectre will dissipate only after the possession is clearly over. Usually if a haunting continues, there is a reason for it.

If there was a certain object with some hidden meaning or otherwise, it will act as a link to this world for the spectre to return for and haunt a person or place. They are also known as possessive type ghosts, they will even take over some else’s body in some situations to do their bidding. With a supernatural power, they are able to possess people with intense feelings specifically feelings of betrayal, anger and/or revenge.

The host of this intense spirit is left with memory loss and a feeling of sickness and dizziness. Usually only short-term memory loss is prevalent. People can only vaguely recall any details (if any) of what really happened. When these spirits possess someone, it will share knowledge and influence.

What seems to fuel these spirits is – when a person has plenty of rage. If they have only a little bit, then they won’t exist for long. Unlike other ghosts, a spectre doesn’t take physical form and is forced to possess others.

Secret Spectre Keeps Secrets To Herself

One extraordinary story, was about a couple who was vacationing. They were high atop a scenic overlook. After a great day of scenic sights, they wanted to get a picture of themselves at this spot to remember the moment. They suddenly noticed a woman walking by; they decided to ask her for help to take a picture. She had a determined look on her face and slowly turned to face them, with a rather eerie smile upon her face. She continued to walk by them.

Only then did she continue on where the trail of this overlook ended. It was then they were shocked to see her jump off the cliff onto the water and rocks below. What freaked them out the most was, not seeing any body lying on the rocks.

It seems this lady was a secret spectre, trapped between both the land of the living and the dead. Perhaps her rage lingered from being murdered or from a suicidal regret. This spectre, kept her secrets to herself before plunging to death. It makes one wonder, what happened to her while she was still alive.

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